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How to make a deal ?!

steps of making a fundraising deal for NGOs

Mohammed Tarek

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of How to make a deal ?!

How to make a deal ?!
search .. search .. search
web site,fan page on social media,e-mails, address,phone numbers,employers,employees
products,branches,history,company strategy,company activities, company interests,events,previous achievements,partners
collect all information about the organization that you want to make a deal with
The Call
introduce your self.
make sure that you are talking with marketing department.
introduce your organization.
take a meeting.
The battle
prepare well your strong plan
have plan B
determine your limits of taking & giving and remember it all time
determine your goals
try to apply your plan
be flexible but save your limits
try to read what the other side wants
The finals
be connected with the other side
remembering your goal & limits
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