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The Black Death

No description

Mathias Oyervide

on 27 March 2017

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Transcript of The Black Death

The Black Death
Mathias Oyervide
Matthew Greaney
Jack Irish
Black Death Origins
The Spread of the Black Death

The Black Death
How it Affected Europe
The Plague Doctors
Peasant Demands
Heavy Economic Impact Ensues
Of The Bubonic Plague
Population:Before and After
Before the plague hit Europe, the population was growing and thriving. It seemed to have been stable but before the plague hit, there was crop failure which brought famine and death to Europe. After this tragic event, the plague hit Europe. This had a drastic impact on the population.
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The Black Death affected Europe in many ways. It decreased the European population greatly and it changed European history forever. The black death was a contagious disease that killed people by the thousands. The black death affected everything from daily life to how the government ran. With this many people dieing, it was hard to keep people calm and safe from the disease. because so many people were dieing, no one was working which affected the economy greatly as well. It took Europe a while to get back on its feet but they eventually got through it.
People were dieing left and right because of the black death. No one was safe from it and at least one in three people died from it. It was the worst thing that happened during that time period. So many people were dieing that it had a huge impact on the government and the economy. people were out of work and getting sick and dieing. In other words, there was very few people actually working during this time and as a result, the government was not making much money. This led to the decline of the economy.
The Plague Doctors were any doctor who treated Plague victims. They were known later for the bird masks they wore, which were filled with herbs and spices, usually. These were to try to protect the doctor from the infected miasma.
With the peasants demands for more money being accepted the actual amount of currency people had was much lower. Peasants asking for more yet not being able to produce as much, and still asking for the same if not more for food when it was sold does not exactly work out well for an economy.
The Bubonic Plague, also known as Yersinia Pestis, is spread by fleas. It is a bacterial infection that manifests itself like a severe flu. This particular strain was marked by slight necrosis and blackened tongues. This bacteria also infects lymph nodes, occasionally causing swelling so bad that they burst above or under the skin The effects show up quite quickly and with this speed are also quite deadly.
The Black Death came from trade ships that came from the countries of India but mainly China. The black death was located in the rats which came from the trade ships when they went to Europe. The rats would be located near the cargo almost always towards the bottom of the ship.
The Black Death would spread with the rats that were infected with the black death. Once the rat died the fleas would travel onto humans.
With less and less workers actually being alive the workers, peasants, were able to demand more and more.
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