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Game Changers: Play Makers, Mike Lupica

By Brian Clokey

Brian Clokey

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Game Changers: Play Makers, Mike Lupica

By Brian Clokey Characters Conclusion Connection Rating Ben McBain Direct Characterization Characters Introduction Setting Exposition In this story, an eleven-year-old boy named Ben McBain has just finished a miracle football season, ending with a championship, and believes basketball season is coming too quickly. His team's, the Rockwell Rams, biggest rival in basketball is the Darby Bears, who added a new player that had just moved to Darby, Chase Braggs. Chase is an exremely good, extremely arrogant player who quickly gets on the nerves of the Rockwell players. Now Ben is struggling to find his love for the game after his friend, Sam, gets a high-ankle sprain while helping him with his game and Chase's team continues to beat them. Ben McBain Shawn O'Brien
Mr. McBain Coop Manley
Mrs. McBain Lily Wyatt
Sam Brown Chase Braggs Ben is smaller than most, and he will be the first to admit it. His height, however, does not define who he is as a basketball player. He is nimble and quick, a really good ball-handler, and is an amazing passer. He desperately wants to beat Darby and is trying not to let the fun be taken out of basketball in the process of trying to get better. Sam asked,"How dense are you?" Coop grinned,"On a good day or bad one?" I am very similar to Ben McBain. On a first note, we both love basketball. From what I heard in the book, Ben really works hard to become better at basketball, even though it sometimes makes you lose your love for the game. I know that I sometimes work too hard at trying to better myself at the sport, which also makes me sometimes lose that love. Also, I'm very laid bak and modest. Ben also shows signs of being laid back. When he wasn't uptight about losing to Chase, he just hung out with his friends, played outside, played video games, and practiced basketball. Game Changers: Play Makers
By Mike Lupica The setting of this novel is present day in the made up city called Rockwell. Most of the main action takes place on the basketball court, where Ben feels most at home. It shapes Ben in the aspect that he wouldn't be himself without the basketball court. He is constantly striving to be better at basketball and the part where he loses his love for the game would never have taken place without the basketball court. "Better be a good one," Ben said,"since Sam is our best player" Indirect Characterization Sam gave him a long look now,"No, definately no you these days." A look came over Coop's face that Ben hardly ever saw, only ever saw during a game when he thought somebody had cheap shot him or one of the other Rams. I would rate this book a 4 out of 10. I feel it deserves this rating because it was very confusing at parts and really dull at others. The only action was basketball and those segments were scarce.
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