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Muhammad Ali was always bullied as a kid so he started to ta

No description

Reece Eckley

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Muhammad Ali was always bullied as a kid so he started to ta

Muhammad Ali
As A Kid
Cassius Clay was always bullied as a kid so he started to take boxing lessons so that he could stand up for himself and others.
First Fight
Cassius Clay was a pretty good boxer for his age and he had started out doing very good and then something happened...........
Changing His Religion
Cassius Clay was in between one of his fights and he announced that he was changing his religion and his name to muslim and Muhammad Ali
The New Muhammad Ali
The new Muhammad Ali was a very good fighter when he could get a fight, he couldn't really get any fights because nobody liked the fact that he changed his religion.
The Heavy Weight Title
When Ali fought for the heavy weight title he was winning on the score cards going into the 15th round and got caught with a right hook and broke his jaw.
After surgery Muhammad went back and won the championship in 1964-1967. 1972-1976 1978, and 1980
Interesting Facts
Muhammad Ali lit the torch for the Olympic games in 1996.

He ended up with Parkinson's disease witch effects certain nerve centers inside the brain and make body stiff and hands tremble
Before And After
this is what parkinsins disease does
By:Reece Eckley
Where I Got My Info
I got my information from the book "The Greatest." Also from my dad, mom, and the Lolo School website database Biography Reference Center
This was Ali's fighting style
This is one of Ali's famous pictures of him and i actual have this poster in my house.
This was Ali excepting his golden glove award.
Ali's fighting style
Ali's fighting style was very unique instead of keeping his hands up he would step out of reach of his opponent so that their punches would not hit him.
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