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Customized Learning Series

No description

Sherry Crofut

on 8 July 2016

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Transcript of Customized Learning Series

Virtuoso Series
Flipped Classroom
Project Based Learning
Student Engagement
Artiste Series
Student Motivation
Online Learning
Blended Learning
Guru Series
Choose a sphere
Face-to-Face Sessions:
Higher Order Thinking/Complex Reasoning
Immersed with Technology
School Culture/Mindset/Life Roles
Role of Teacher/Role of Learner
Culminating Activity
Using all the information from three online classes and face-to-face sessions, create a major project. Think outside your usual box and more global.
Digital Literacy
Flexible Curriculum
Self-Directed Learners
Additional Topics to Address
Weight Bearing Walls
Weight Bearing Walls
Two parts:
Teachers redesigning classroom curriculum
Dealing with the volume of standards
Parent/Community Relations
Ubiquitous technology and internet access
LMS - Analyze the role & how it meets the needs of the district
Incorporate Web/Digital Standards
Modifying the Standards to Learner Outcomes/Spheres of Living
Weight Bearing Walls
Weight Bearing Walls
Weight Bearing Walls
Weight Bearing Walls
Nine-month school year
Grade levels and Seat Time vs. Mastery Level
In-School Learning vs.
In-World Learning
Textbooks - Rigid Curriculum
vs. Flexible Curriculum
Schedules, Classroom Assignments, and Periods
Grading Systems and Reporting to Parents
Choose two spheres
CL Structural Rebuild
CL Professional Learning
Building a Customized/Personalized
Learning Environment
For Schools who are not ready yet...
guidance in 1:1
awareness PD in pedagogy changes
awareness of customized (intro to...)
District planning (above)
TIE's Customized/Personalized
Learning Series:

Formative and Summative Data Analysis
District Planning Tools
TIP Technology Instruction Profile

Skilled Leadership
Self-Paced Class
Book Study - Inevitable Too

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