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Open House

First day of class

Natalie Freeburn

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Open House

Welcome to
Mrs. Freeburn's Class

This presentation will give you a brief glimpse into who I am and the classes I teach.

I look forward to having your student this school year!

The information they learn in Family & Consumer Science classes can be applied to their lives right away, and will help them to make better life choices.

Who am I?
My Education
My Family
Undergrad 2005
Masters 2009
Proud Hornet since 2005
Family & Consumer Science
Classes I Teach
Family & Personal Living
Health Education
Consumer Economics
Parenting 1
Senior Strategies
Practical Nutrition
Married in 2008
We got Willow, our Golden Doodle, in 2009
Our daughter, Addisen, born May 20011
Addisen Summer of 2012
Spending & Saving Plans
Depository Institutions
 Consumer Protection
 Credit
 Insurance
 Housing, Transportation & Food Expenses$
Your student will receive a syllabus with my class expectations, grading scale and classroom procedures on the first day of class.
Please take the time to review that information with them when they bring it home for you to view.
Tips for success and my classroom rules...
My Classroom Rules
The Syllabus
Have Respect
Be Responsible
No Junk Food Allowed, pack healthy snacks if plan on eating in my class
WARNING: Pick up after yourself. If your snack becomes disruptive to class, food will not be allowed in the class for anyone.
Be a positive influence, if you don't have anything nice to say...
Tuck bags under seat or hang from chair. No bags in the isle way or on the desk top. (This includes purses)
Cell Phones and other "Personal Devices" may only be used when given permission
Interior Architecture
Moodle: My online Class forum

Students can:
print handouts
See the daily agenda
Check to see what they missed when absent
Please encourage them to check Moodle often!
My contact info:
e-mail: freeburn@salineschools.org
phone: (734)429-8000 X: 2287
* Required Class
Units will include:

 Values, Needs vs. Wants
 Goal Setting
 Life Cycle Planning
 Career Development
 Understanding Paychecks
Childhood – What is it, differences in cultures, influences on development

Families – importance, types, stages

Considerations of parents

Child Guidance

Teen Pregnancy and Parenthood

Preparation for parenthood – stages of pregnancy, prenatal development, purchases and expenses

The Birth Process & Childbirth Choices – stages of labor, the newborn’s appearance
Topics include:
* This is a 2 Trimster class. I teach part 1, Mrs. Galimore teaches part 2.
Topics Include:
Unique You
Love and Marriage
Adjusting to Marriage
Parent Readiness and Family Planning
Understanding Families
Dealing with Change, Crisis & Loss
Units include:
1.Learning Styles
2.Organizational Skills
3.Kitchen Basics
4.Careers & Goals
5.Money Management
6.Apartment &
Dorm Life
Topics Include:
Food Safety
Where does your food come from?
Menu Planning
Personal Diet Analysis and Recommendations
Healthy Body Images & Eating Disorders
Topics Include:
Learning basic sewing skills
Identify techniques of fashion design and drawing
Demonstrate knowledge of the elements and principles of design in clothing
Explore the fundamentals of fashion
Understand the use of textiles in fashion
Identify tasks of clothing care
Topics Include:

Housing & Basic Human Needs

Housing Origins

Renting vs. Buying a Home

Blueprints & Housing Design

Elements of Design

Principles of Design

Styles of Design

Furniture Styles & Construction

Space Planning

Practical Do-It-Yourself Remodeling

Career Exploration in the field of Interior Architecture
Thanks for Coming!
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