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Sometimes you can't control the emotion driving your behavio

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Elizabeth Hinkle

on 18 August 2015

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Transcript of Sometimes you can't control the emotion driving your behavio

Inside Out and Zones
Sometimes, you can't control the emotion driving your behavior but you can learn how to control your reactions.
To identify appropriate student feelings and behaviors, and then use the class discussion to set classroom norms
We can feel any emotion -- but we can also learn right and wrong ways to respond to our emotions
You're in the RED zone, you might be angry.

What does your body feel like?
You could feel.....
hot or cold
your heart may speed up
your muscles feel tight
your breathing may get short
shaky, or sick in your tummy
like crying
like screaming or running away
your fists may get tight
Have you ever felt anger?
You may have felt anger when...
Maybe you didn't get something that you wanted?
Maybe your team lost the game?
Maybe you thought something was unfair?
Maybe you were scared?
Maybe someone hurt you?
Maybe your feelings were hurt?
Maybe you were angry at yourself?
What reactions are HEALTHY and what reactions are UNHEALTHY?
Anger can be a positive feeling if it used properly!
For example, many women got angry that they didn't have the right to vote and they used their anger to make a positive change!
Unhealthy reactions are: screaming, stomping, hitting, etc.
Healthy reactions are ones that do not hurt or scare people around us or ourselves...we can learn to be the BOSS of our own anger...
Count to ten! Take deep breaths!
Asking an adult for a break!
Use your words to tell your feelings
Remember - when we are angry we never use our hands, feet or voice to hurt ourselves or our friends.
What are some other RED zone feelings?
You're in the BLUE zone. You might be sad.

What does your body feel like?
You might feel...
like crying
like sleeping
like frowning
When have you felt sad?
You may have felt sad because...
you were disappointed a friend didn't play with you
you lost a favorite toy
someone you loved moved far away
you wanted something and didn't get it
What are UNHEALTHY and HEALTHY reactions to sadness?
When you're sad you can...
draw a picture
talk to a teacher
talk to a friend
spend time with a pet
listen to music
What are some other BLUE zone feelings?
Remember, to use your words. When you're sad you may feel like you're not ready to work or you feel like being unkind but it's important to tell a teacher these feelings.
You're in the YELLOW zone. You might be disgusted or scared.

What does your body feel like?
You might feel like...
your heart is beating fast
your tummy hurts
you're sweating
making a face, like scrunching your nose
When have you felt disgust or fear?
You may have felt fear when...
you had your first day of school
you had to go somewhere new
you saw a spider!
your bike started going too fast!
You may have felt disgust when...
you didn't like a food
you smelled something funny

What reactions are UNHEALTHY and HEALTHY to fear and disgust?
Take deep breaths! Everyone is scared sometimes!

Make sure you are safe and then find a friend or adult to talk about feeling scared.

When you're feeling disgust, remember not to hurt someone's feelings and get help if you think you need it.

Practice overcoming your fears, if you're scared of spiders for example, you could read a story or learn more about spiders
What are other YELLOW zone feelings?
You're in the GREEN zone. You may be feeling joy.

What does your body feel like?
When you're feeling joy you might...
want to talk a lot
squeal with excitement
talk louder and faster
feel light and jumpy
have a lot of energy
When have you felt joy?
You might have felt joy when...
You started school
You got a new puppy
Your favorite food was for dinner
You got to watch a movie
Your best friend came over to play
What reactions are HEALTHY and UNHEALTHY reactions to joy?
Most reactions are healthy like...
being kind and including others
sharing your joy with your family and friends
drawing, dancing, running
An unhealthy reaction might be excluding someone or being too excited you lose control of your body
What are some other GREEN zone feelings?
Elizabeth Hinkle, MS -- Nationally Certified School Psychologist -- Woodbridge School District, Delaware
*All references, images and videos of Inside Out are the property of Disney Corporation
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