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Preferences of the Technology Generation

No description

Gretchen Ondayo

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Preferences of the Technology Generation

Preferences of the Technology Generation

Differentiate the old generation and new generation and
Determine the technology in today's generation.
Old generation
New generation
Differences between old and young generation;

Single and multi-track activity patterns

Text versus visuals
Linear versus hyper media
Independent versus social learners
Delayed rewards and instant gratification
Rote memory versus fun learning
Learning to do versus
learning to pass the test
Thank You for Listening. GODBLESS.
Group 1- Assess and report your perception/experience (good and non-good) of the Facebook Social media.
Group 2- Prepare a chart differentiating the past -30 yrs. old generation and the new digital generation
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