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Engaging Students with Interactive Web Tools

A number of interactive tools will be showcased that can be use to engage students both in and outside the mathematics classroom.

Brandon Milonovich

on 26 March 2011

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Transcript of Engaging Students with Interactive Web Tools

Engaging Students with Interactive Web Tools Brandon Milonovich
The College of Saint Rose Passive learning means passive understanding. Our students deal with technology constantly in their lives,
why not teach with it? Our teaching needs to reflect the skills students will need
in the job market. Contact Info: Brandon Milonovich

http://www.bmilo.com This Prezi can be found on my website! http://www.prezi.com http://www.280slides.com Google Docs Microsoft Live Skydrive http://TinyURL.com Picnik Jaycut Xtra Normal Dipity Capzles National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Engrade Wordle Blogger http://www.Weebly.com Create dynamic presentations that turn boring PowerPoints into more lively and interesting presentations

Simply click anywhere on the "page" and type text, add images or video, etc.

Give the Prezi a path to animate through zooming Have students that don't have PowerPoint available at home? Give them this alternative! Want to create a class website without all the work of learning HTML or some other language?

Use Weebly to create great looking websites with great features, all for FREE!

The hardest skill you will need to learn to build your website is dragging and dropping things around the page! http://docs.google.com Get 1Gb of online storage FREE

Create documents, spreadsheets, etc. that can all be edited online

Documents are saved instantly, so you never have to worry about computer/internet crashes and losing your work http://www.skydrive.com Create Microsoft Excel Documents right online Create Microsoft Word Documents right online Get 25 times the space Google gives you FREE

Use Windows Live Mesh to sync documents between computers Ever try and give students a specific web address and they can't get onto it because there were too many possibilities for error in it?

Type (or copy and paste) the address into the site, it will generate a shorter address.

http://tinyurl.com/4u7tr2p http://www.picnik.com Easy and FREE picture editing! http://www.jaycut.com Edit videos right online! http://nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/vlibrary.html OR
http://tinyurl.com/b4qe7 Examples from Algebra:
Algebra Tiles
Block Patterns
Function Transformations
Line Plotter Examples from Geometry:
Golden Rectangle
Pythagorean Theorem
Platonic Solids http://www.xtranormal.com http://www.capzles.com This is an alternative to dipity.com for creating time line types of presentations. http://www.capzles.com/3838A090-2F2B-4141-A308-14F9CBC6321C http://www.engrade.com FREE tool to keep track of all of your grades

Students can view their grades on their own (and so can parents)

Keep track of when assignments are due with automatically created calendar

Increase communication between you and your students http://www.wordle.net http://www.dipity.com http://www.dipity.com/celie606/Important-Events-and-History-of-Mathmatics_2/ Create timelines that include all types of media including pictures and video! http://www.blogger.com http://helpfulinformationaboutmath.blogspot.com/
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