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4th Period Brien C. & Chad A.

Life of Pi SIFT (chpt. 37-39)

Brien Adams

on 24 September 2010

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Transcript of 4th Period Brien C. & Chad A.

The Explosion!
Symbol- Images Figures of Speech Tone and Theme It is the beginning of Pi's adventure and the marking of his journey. Throughout the explosion, he is very confused, and sometimes doubtful that he will survive. Pi is also scared because his family is trapped in the cabins below and they don't know how to swim. When the ship sank, Pi witnessed many things. The orange whistle hanging from the lifejacket, Richard Parker swimming for his life, water rising up the stairs, the Chinese workers talking to each other, the workers picking Pi up and throwing him over the side of the ship with their strong arms.
The author put this in the book to show give us a better view of what Pi was seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling. "Everything was screaming...the sea, the wind, my heart." "...it sounded like a monstrous metallic burp." "Mother, my tender guardian angel of wisdom,
and you my father, my loving worrywort,
and Ravi, the dazzling hero of my childhood." Life of Pi has many figures of speech, almost on every page. It creates a better picture in your mind. Pi is in a state of shock and disbelief of the explosion. In order to calm his nerves, Pi must deal with what has just happened by thinking of the event as a dream, as if he were in a movie. This was most definitely the climax of the story for me!
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