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Sales Promotion

No description

Hannah Mordenga

on 22 March 2012

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Transcript of Sales Promotion

Diet Pepsi Marketing Communication
Objective Value Proposition &
Positioning Hannah Mordenga
Sandra Spitzer
Ariel Bielsky
Nicole Brielmeier
Hillary Mizrachi Notes Place your own picture
behind this frame! Double click to crop it if necessary Important
Details (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr More approachable brand versus the competition (Diet Coke) also is a more relatable and down to earth brand of diet soda. Every activity should
communicate the message of
“Nothing refreshes like a Diet Pepsi” Refreshment is the primary
drive of consumption among current loyals.
use refreshment as a double definition
functional benefit
emotional benefit Safe Way details doodles notes outlook photo frame •Marketing Objective Re-engage and strengthen brand equity with core brand loyalist (medium to heavy users) to drive and protect current purchase frequency.
Recruit and acquire future Diet Pepsi drinkers to drive and increase future sales
Stop the loss of loyals •Marketing Target Current Loyals
and Non-Users Core Consumer: Women 40-59 medium to heavy users
Growth Target (potential Loyalist): 25-39 light/medium users
Partnerships and key influencers (National Heart, Lung, and Blood institutions Zero calories
refreshing taste
caffeine boost Past: Pepsi Challenge SAMPLING Strengths: loyals: free sample
future: trial an possible hook Weaknesses: loyals: possible discovery of competitors
future: they don't like it and never try again SAFE WAY Just for U program Marketing Objective-
Loyalty and Retention
Marketing Target-
Current customers
“Ingredients for Life”
The store positions itself
as a lifestyle store.
Value Proposition-
More benefits for less price
•Safeway matches deals from competitors •Everyday low prices and great club card specials•Rewards points that let you earn up to $1 per gallon in rewards•Personalized deals, digital coupons , continuity program (your club specials) Others include: Coupons, refund, price-offs, sweepstakes and contests mostly through social media MARKETING Communication Objective To reach the customer in any possible way to provide the best sales promotion
Strategies Flyers
Weekly ads
Social media
Commercials “We earn the loyalty of the people we serve by first anticipating, then fulfilling their needs with our superior-quality products, a unique shopping experience, customer-focused service and continuous innovation, while generating long-term profitable growth for our shareholders.” Major Selling Idea: "Our goal is to be the first choice for those customers who have the opportunity to shop locally in a Safeway store." Conclusions Sales Promotion Activities Safeway Club continuity card Website access to sales prices, coupons, and gas reward points
Price-off techniques Diet Pepsi “buy X amount get X amount free”
“Living Well. Feeling Great” $10 coupon when spend $30 Sales Promotion Objectives Continuity card: increase purchase frequency and transaction size
Coupons: promote trial PEPSI BOGO: increase transaction size TARGETS
SAFEWAY: current loyal customers

DIET PEPSI: current loyal customers DESIRED RESULTS reinforcing behavior
and increasing consumption

increasing consumption
techniques continuity programs
price-off techniques
coupons clipped from: newspapers
earned after buying things in the store SAFEWAY DIET PEPSI price-off techniques
with club card
Diet Coke & Diet Dr. Pepper products used for analysis
•Diet Coke: sweepstake: win one of 500 fantastic breaks
option to customize the trip
ex. luxury getaway, shopping, pampering • Seasonal Coca-Cola: Win a Garden sweepstake (customize promotion according to location of safeway)
• My Coke Rewards: find code under cap, enter online to recieve points and be eligible for sweepstakes contest and free vacations.

•Pop-Up store: MKG & Bite

•The Space
Sampling bar
Bite’s healthy snacks from a retro, branded automat, prizes, and a
Photo studio.
Bright red, white, and silver decor
Bold signage on white temporary walls and seating areas in the chosen color palette. OBJECTIVES •Expand seasonality
•Sweepstakes, generate trial, price cuts to increase purchase frequency

TARGETS loyals and
switchers raises awareness for women’s heart health DIET COKE
Win a trip to the Country Music Awards in Vegas (no purchase necessary/sweepstake)
Drink Dr. Pepper and collect microsoft points to:

watch HD movies and shows
listen to music
unlock premium game content for xbox live.
(enter code from specially marked Dr. Pepper cup) DIET DR. PEPPER SWEEPSTAKES
How it works:
Purchase a case of Diet Pepsi
Get entered into the sweepstakes through Safeway club card,
Every case you buy gives you another chance to win.
PRIZE: chance to be on the set of modern family and meet Sophia and the rest of the cast. SP Objective: generate trial, increase transaction size, increase purchase frequency

SP Target: loyals, switchers, competitive loyals SP

Desired Result: increase consumption, try and stay, come and stay, reinforce behavior, change purchase timing, break loyalty 1.Concept Statement:
Sweepstakes with
sponsoring Diet Pepsi 2.Concept Statement: Sampling Diet Pepsi in Safeway
SP Objective: generate trial
SP Target: switchers, competitive loyals
SP Desired Result: come and stay, try and stay, break loyalty
How it Works: Safeway will give out samples of sandwiches from their deli along with samples of Diet Pepsi. There will be a suggested donation stand for a cause that both companies support. 3.Concept Statement: Diet Pepsi Soda Pop Art Contest

SP objective: generate trial, increase transaction size,

SP target: loyals and switchers

SP desired result: increase consumption

How it works:
People buy Diet Pepsi at Safeway with their club card and are given a code.
With the code they can enter their art work online. The art work has to be made entirely of Diet Pepsi cans.
Twenty-five people per Safeway will be selected as finalists.
The finalists will then be invited to present their artwork at Safeway
locals who will vote for the winning art piece.
Diet Pepsi stands throughout the store.
The winner will receive a $500 American Express gift card. #3
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