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5 Characteristics of the Teenage Market

By:Tommy Coye

Tom Coye

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of 5 Characteristics of the Teenage Market

Demographics Gatorade Dockers Age- Kids, Teen, Adults
Income- Middle-High
Ethnic Background-All
Occupation- Business Marketing Mix Target Market Males
Young Adults Target Market All Genders
Pro Athletes Marketing Mix Price Demographics The Teenager "Altogether, the country's 32 million teenagers have $94.7 billion at their disposal" Grown up enough to work part time
Not too old for birthday money or allowance. -Harris Interactive, the market research firm that conducts the Harris Poll. Fast-Paced Dynamic Powerful Ever-Changing Fad-Driven What are 5 characteristics of the teenage market? Price Product Place Promotion Age- 8 and up
Income- All
Ethnic-All Background-All
Occupation-N/A Place Product Promotion Work Cited http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-characteristics-that-describe-the-teenage-market http://www.easyvectors.com/assets/images/vectors/afbig/smiley-face-with-glasses-clip-art.jpg $1-3 for 20-32oz
$.25 for single instant mix packet
$2 for instant mix quart Any supermarket
Vending Machines Sport events
TV commercials 32 flavors
Mixes, juice boxes, bottles
G2 low calorie series Kohl's
JC Penny's
Marshall's $20-100 Magazines
Business Events
Commercials Straight, Classic & Slim Pants
Shorts, Polos & Tops
Accessories http://us.dockers.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=12359182&cp=2271557 http://www.gatorade.com/default.aspx#gseries?s=prime http://iwritearticle.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/money.jpg http://aarongleeman.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/money-tree.jpg http://static.freepik.com/free-photo/sun-clip-art_433303.jpg
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