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Parish Community Communications Update

No description

Sarah Johnson

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Parish Community Communications Update

Parish Community Communications Update
Where We've Come From
2015 Parish Survey indicated need for stronger parish communications
Minimal website
No coordinated parish office communications tools
Communications Prioritized by Parish
Parishes Funded
Hiring Sarah Johnson (PT)
Parish Office Email & Internal Calendar (google apps)
Website overhaul
Donated Services
Graphic Design by Teresa McDermott & Erin Rigney
Archdiocese Funded
Flocknote Email/Text Tool
Office Communications
Google Apps
Staff email accounts
Inter-office calendar
google docs; file sharing
google forms used for event sign-up
parish website
Complete overhaul of website
Parish logo - Branding
April 26, 2016
Graphic Designers: Teresa McDermott & Erin Rigney
Texts & Email
Weekly mass email/texts
Reminder email/texts
A couple ministry groups are using it independently
Scheduling email/texts in advance
free templates utilized
748 personal Flocknote accounts
45% email open rate
Individual ministry groups have highest open rate; 60-90%
Flocknote Opportunities for Improvement
Create system in the office for consistently adding EVERYONE to flocknote
Clean-up database putting people into ministry and parish groups - need volunteers to help
Teach more ministry leaders to use it
both parishes, spanish community, Religious Education
General Opportunities
for Growth
Utilize logo/branding on all parish documents, posters, certificates, etc.
Create logo give-aways (or to sell) - ball caps, stickers, t-shirts, etc.
Grow photo bank - possible photo contest
Strengthen system of getting announcements to BOTH Anna Maria and Sarah to ensure they make it to the bulletin, website, and email
Create stronger social media presence
Consistently write Mass announcements in advance
Consider streamlining electronic communications with print documents
pursue google for non-profits free accounts
Future Possibilities
Implement new parish database to:
update parishioner information
conduct electronic RE registration
gather up to date contact information
encourage online and recurring tithing
allow individual parishioners to update their information
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