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IC: Gradebook (Beta)

No description

Suzanne Simmons

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of IC: Gradebook (Beta)

Based on each class, term and task
Sorting by grade or name
Click on the arrow by "Students" to sort

Click on the arrows by the category, assignment, etc. to sort by that item

Clicking the "Add" button will add an assignment without leaving the gradebook
Infinite Campus: Gradebook (Beta)
What is it?!?
Just like the other gradebook (minus the change in appearance)
No JAVA! Means no plugin issues.
Way more features at the tip of your finger
Implemented behind the scenes last year; is an option to use now; will be the only option (likely by the end of the year)
Not compatible with Internet Explorer
Expanded Student
What is it? And how the heck do I use it?
The Basics
The "Save" button turns orange if something hasn't been saved
Divided in to four sections: the different areas of the Grade Book, Settings, Expanded Student, Grade Totals and Expanded Assignment
Also grade in: Assignments (Assignments Only) or Grade by Task & Grade by Student (Tasks & Standards Only)
Shrink and expand sections
View Options
Click on the "Settings" arrow to bump it out
Shortcut: Option + G
Specific to the course, section, trimester, and category
Changes nothing about your gradebook itself or how grades are calculated
Only changes how it all appears to you
Grade Totals
Filtering Students
Limits your view to a single student
Expands their entries to show more information
Useful for conferences or speaking with just one student
Display Sparkline Graph
This option controls whether a Sparkline graph appears next the student's name
Shows trends in student performance over time and are always arranged chronologically, regardless of assignment display criteria
Point/Mark based scoring will display as a blue line and Rubric-based scoring will appear as colored bars along an axis of proficiency
If your line isn't continuous, then you are missing grades for some assignments in chronological order
Easy way to see if a student is improving or tanking; especially useful for HS seniors last trimester
Pass/Fail Grading for Grades or Scores
Assignment Display Order & Criteria
Save Alert
Expanded Assignment
Calculation Summary - Points/Marks Assignments
Passing grades indicated in green; failing is red
Scores is for assignments
Grades is for the calculated grades in the Grade Totals section of the Grade Book.
This option controls how assignments are displayed. Users can choose to sort assignments by:
Sequence, End Date, then Name
Category, then Sequence, End Date and Name
Sorting by the first option and ascending will keep most recent assignment closest to student's name; easier for you since there is less scrolling
Unsaved data in the Grade Book, the Save button will appear orange.

This option determines whether a notification will appear when the Grade Book is saved.
Yes: when a user clicks Save, a notification stating "Grade Book has been saved." will appear.
No: this notification will not appear upon save.
Clicking the chevron symbol to the right of the assignment abbreviation or within the score grid
Inactive with appear with red text
Add in comments in the space provided
Turn the "flags" on and off (hover on them to figure out what they are
Fill Scores/Comments through the blue link in the upper right
Unscored assignments are not included in calculation
Further details: http://bit.ly/IC-GB-Beta
Mrs. Simmons
Technology Integrator , Grades 6-12
Bonny Eagle Schools
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