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Sydney Becken

No description

maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Sydney Becken

What is a bulldog?
Bulldogs are a British breed of dog. Which is created to bait bulls, a sport in which the dog grabs the bull by the nose and hangs on at all costs. The bulldogs breeds massive head, short nose, dumpy body, and incredible tenacity were all qualities needed in bull baiting.The breed was also a deadly fighter that was transformed into a good-natures, quiet companion.
How can we fix the breathing problem?
1. Veterinians would do surgery to open the nostrils.
For more information on bulldogs watch the video down below.
What is the problem with bulldogs breathing?
1. The bulldog can have nostrils that are to small. Veterinians call this Stenotic Nares.
2. The bulldog could have a elongated soft palate. The palate, or the roof of the mouth, should end in a position where it dose not affect with the air passing into the opening of the windpipe.When a bulldog has an elongated soft palate, the palate tissues partially blocks the opening of the windpipe.
3. The bulldog can have Everted Laryngeal Succules, which is tissues from the wall of the larynx that ends up into the windpipe.
4. The bulldogs windpipe could be to small, the name for that is Hypoplustic Trachea.
2. Veterinians would do surgery to correct the elongated soft palate, by shorten the palate to the normal length where it dose not interfere with breathing. they would use a CO2 laser for palate surgery.
3. For Everted laryngeal succules Veterinians would surgically remove them.
4. For the windpipe that is too small, sadly this is the only upper airway obstruction that can not be fixed.
Thanks for watching!!
Why do Bulldogs have
trouble breathing?

By: Sydney Becken
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