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Ideas for Authentic Student Centered Learning in the Online Environment

Ideas for Authentic Student Centered Leaning in the Online Environment

Jennifer Jaiswal

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Ideas for Authentic Student Centered Learning in the Online Environment

Ideas for Creating Student-Centered
Learning Activites in a
Learning Management System
Activities only involve one person
These types of activites can be conducted in a Learning Management System by:
Activities involve more then one person creating a unified project
Activities where groups working together on similar topics to create independent projects
Personal Journaling about how the content interacts with real life
Opportunities for Individual communication with students and faculty members.
These types of activites can be conducted in a Learning Management System by:
Creating Authentic Experiences in the
Online Learning Environment
Authentic experiences take place in the interaction between
a learner, a task and the environment. They contextualize and
can influence the way learners and content interact and grow.
Authenticity in Online Learning
“[Students ] need to find their way past self-doubt, awkwardness, and the fear of failure to a place where they could ask a question in class, make a contribution in a group and speak coherently in front of peers.” (Weimer, 2002)
What does it all mean?
Development of content or projects that relate to real life experiences in the field of study or student interests, anchored Constructivist activities relating to the topic of the course.
Difficulties in creating an authentic online experience:
Creating diverse and real problems where students have the
ability to explore with a real outcome at the end.
Creating peer groups in class that have common interests to one another . Students know who in the class has similar interests and can assist in working together to build and define each others topics.
Teachers creating curriculum and lesson plans.
Literature students producing book reviews based on an official format or style.
Creating project proposals with appropriate information and models to support the student's perspective.
These types of activites can be conducted in a Learning Management System by:
Developing a class Wiki where students have the opportunity to develop a unified project together about a common interest.
Benefits of creating an authentic experience online:
Students have the ability to access and integrate data and information from the internet linking their experiences to relevant course content. Technology makes it easier to create and facilitate different learning activities.
What Authentic Learning Facilitates
Provides the opportunity for students to examine the task from different perspectives, using a variety of resources.
Provides the opportunity to collaborate.
Provides the opportunity to reflect.
Can be integrated and applied across different subject areas and lead beyond domain-specific outcomes.
Create polished products valuable in their own right rather than as preparation for something else.
Allow competing solutions and diverse outcomes.
(Woo, Herrington, Agostinho, Reeves, 2007)
What is an Authentic Experience?
Group Blogging allows the group to communicate together about different topics related to the theme of the class. Students can comment on each others posts to help develop classmates ideas.
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