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Click through this interactive timeline!

Andrew Covington

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Interactive LAUNCH TIMELINE

Connexion Church
Launch Timeline June 2012 – January 2013
GATHERING THE TEAM: February to August -
Intentional investing,
nurturing, building up,
and gaining momentum.
This is a slower
and intentional process
of planting our roots and
laying out our DNA. February 2013
ACTIVATE THE TEAM: 1.Cast the vision to the core
team of 30+.
2.Begin worshipping publicity.
3.Host vision Luncheons.
4.Assign core team to specific
strategic teams and roles.
5.Begin intentional follow-up
with first time guests.
6.Begin Public marketing
and advertising. March 2013 – May 2013
BUILDING MOMENTUM: 1.Number one job is to get critical mass.
2.Begin Starting Point with core members.
(Launch Sign up for this in February)
3.Graduate Starting Point groups into small groups.
4.Pour into the team through strategic message series
5.Host community events both in team members homes and throughout the community (focus on apartment complexes)
6.Teach, model, and push relational evangelism to everyone who comes in.
7.Activate new people challenge them to plug in and
get involved.
8.Capitalize on potential big Sundays
(Mothers Day and Easter)
9.Foster relationships with Salem High School
and Peeks Chapel Elementary.
10.Grow core team beyond 30+ to 50-75.
11.Begin Promoting LAUNCH in August 1.Identify our Mission Field and Target Neighborhood.
2.Find our physical location.
3.Buy all Equipment.
4.Conduct monthly Preview Services.
5.Begin Gathering Team Members
6.Work out logistics (time, style, band members, children’s team, room set up, stage design, etc…)
7.Quietly do a month of Weekly worship. (Work out kinks) June 2013 – July 2013
AND KIDS: 1. Preach summer movies series with a specific focus on biblical themes found in current films marketed to kids and families.
2. Partner with Peachtree Academy (where we worship) and serve at all of their summer day camps.
3. Offer family movie nights on Saturdays.
4. Neighborhood cookouts (free food, games, and inflatables)
5. Partner with and participate in community 4th of July event on the square in Covington.
6. Host huge back to school party on the field at Peachtree Academy.
7. Promote LAUNCH at all summer events!8. All Print advertising and Billboard
change to LAUNCH wording. August to January –
This is large scale, big, fast,
and all about energy.
We are going full speed ahead
and everything is in place
and running on all cylinders.
This is all about capitalizing
on all the time and work
done in planting mode. August 2013
LAUNCH MONTH: 1.We are ready to roll and LAUNCH LARGE.
2.Critical mass is in place.
3.All teams are in place.
4.Small groups are meeting and ready for new people.
5.Kids ministry is ready for influx of new kids.
6.All workers are trained (Safe Sanctuaries, CPR & First aid, etc…)
7.Giving is solid and consistent. (We are bringing in strong giving that covers all expenses on our own and allows us to save toward next steps.)
8.We celebrate our LAUNCH at all services. 9.Messages focus on sharing the vision, heart, and mission of Connexion Church with all of our new guests! Sept. 2013 – Jan. 2014
PLUG PEOPLE IN: 1.Take all of our new people and get them plugged in.
2.Get new people into Starting Point.
3.Get them into small groups.
4.Teach giving and discipleship.
5.Help them find a place to serve.
6.Celebrate Advent for the first time.
7.Teach giving to insure we are financially stable and ready to begin contributing toward pastor’s salary.
8.Conduct first annual giving/pledge campaign.
9.Get everyone plugged in a geared up for another major growth and outreach
push in the New Year. God is bringing together an
amazing group of folks to
launch Connexion Church and
we would love for you to be
a part of that team!
We are currently in the
midst of gaining momentum
and growing our team! JOIN THE
TEAM! READY TO GO?? Join us ANY SUNDAY for Worship at Peachtree Academy at 11am or email us at acovington@connexionchurchumc.org
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