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Social Learning Theory

What is social learning theory? What is an activity that supports this theory? This activity has instructions and how it can be used in the classroom. This activity also supports the theory in many ways.

liz hashman

on 22 May 2011

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Transcript of Social Learning Theory

Social Learning Theory Observational Learning Immitation What children see they will often do No behavior change when learning Good and bad influences like teachers or violence Education.com (2010) Social Learning Video Retrieved from the Cooperative Learning website is an activity called: Team Pair Solo.

“Team Pair Solo (Kagan)- Students do problems first as a team, then with a partner, and finally on their own. It is designed to motivate students to tackle and succeed at problems, which initially are beyond their ability. It is based on a simple notion of mediated learning. Students can do more things with help (mediation) than they can do alone. By allowing them to work on problems they could not do alone, first as a team and then with a partner, they progress to a point they can do alone that which at first they could do only with help,” (Cooperative Learning, online). Classroom activity that supports social learning theory. Team Pair Solo In The Classroom Team pair solo is a learning structure educators
have used to promote cooperative learning. The class is divided into as many as four groups. Each group is given a problem to solve, as the group work together to solve the problem with success they advance to groups of two then eventually they work at the problem solo. The activity can be associated with any problem like math, science, or social studies. This activity starts out as a group effort and then to individual work. Students need to learn how to work independently and gain the critical thinking skills they will need in future classes. This activity could be used in the classroom easily for math. The teacher could give a group a problem with parts to it and then split the problem to partners and eventually have the child work out the final answer themselves. Team Pair Solo activity and How it Supports Student Development.

Through the student activity student are introduced introduced to having t work as a group. By having to helpeac other to come to a common goal. Through this social development students learn how to communicate in an affective way. Students learn that in order to reach a correct answer they have to listen to each other, and they have to voice their own opinon. Student's also develop leadership skills because one person has to be able to put all the information together. So, by particapting in this activity student's, become independent thinkers, they develop communication skills, and the student 's relate to others without being emotional, and non-responsive.
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