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The Little Flower Shop Presentation

No description

Jennifer Johnston

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of The Little Flower Shop Presentation

Bring a smile to someone's life! Who we are Beautiful flower bouquets
for any occasion! Still not convinced? Holiday Bouquets Holiday bouquets aren't always available
Christmas, Easter, Valentine's, Mother's/Father's day
Only available around certain holiday
Visit website to see them first! Our customers Our Competitors Grocery stores which sell flower bouquets
They sell more than just flowers
We are more skilled and advanced
Much wider variety that's always changing
Grown in Ottawa with no pesticides Beautiful flower bouquets and arrangements
Cater for weddings, parties, birthdays, get-togethers
Handmade by best florists in Canada Sending flowers is a nice gesture
Shows that you think and care
Gives signs of appreciation and love
Everyone enjoys receiving flowers
Easier to express feelings Small floral business created in Ottawa
Create beautiful flower arrangements
For any occasion Found online at: www.thelittleflowershop.ca The products Store Information Visit: www.thelittleflowershop.ca
25 Sunway Drive
Store is open during week
Store hours are 9am to 5pm
Website and delivery available 24/7 'The Little Flower Shop' flower greenhouse located in Ottawa Young or old
Always a reason to buy flowers
Age range is 20 to 70
No certain gender for all clients
Target market is 30+ Flowers grown in pesticide free environment
All bouquets are fresh and different
We deliver! www.thelittleflowershop.ca Make your own bouquets! Can't find the right bouquet?
Create your own
Variety of fresh flowers to pick from
Employees will gladly help you Birthday bouquet Get well bouquet New baby bouquet Rose wedding bouquet *All bouquets are part of our Spring collection 'The Little Flower Shop' traditional bouquet 'Touch of Spring' bouquet 'Sweet surprises' bouquet 'Timeless elegance' bouquet Special occasions Christmas bouquet Easter bouquet Valentine's bouquet 'Confetti daisy' bouquet 'Red roses' traditional bouquet 'Perfect party' bouquet Graduation bouquet
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