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mbundu lifestye

No description

Yisdaris Sanchez-Pena

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of mbundu lifestye

the land and the people
Queen Nzinga
this statue or a version of this statue is the mbundu symbol of authority it is called lunga (in plural: malunga). It is shaped in a somewhat human form in wood, some mbundu tribe have the lunga it is used to bring rain and known for the success of farming.
the economy
the mbundu people are very nomadic people. they all work in the city with standard jobs. most of the people are blacksmiths, weavers, or carpenters.
this is the Angola flag; the mbundu tribe is mostly in Angola. Angola is a portuguese colony.
Queen Nzinga was a mbundu ruler in the 1600's. she tried to reason with the portuguese colonists through "diplomatic means".
in Angola there are many tribes besides mbundu they all live in peace with each other
this is the tribe people celebrating
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