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Alex Martinez

on 25 January 2013

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A V E R A G E S T A Y In 2011, the average stay of our tourists in non-hotelier lodging was 13.3 days. (-5,8% non-hotelier)
In Camping its decline was about 1%. HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Natalia del Rosal Collado
Marta Torralba Gallego
Abigail Valdivia Chang
Alejando Martinez Elmasri C A M P I N G S DEFINITION: Outdoor recreational activity away from the urban areas, nights outdoors enjoying nature while spending one or several , usually at a campsite. Camping may involve the use of a tent, caravan, motorhome, cabin, a primitive structure, but no at all. shelter Camping Islas Cies E V O L U T I ON 1900 tourist activity. Thomas H. Holding
promoted the Camping as a 1920 First RV (Campervans) appear in England. Number of tourist establishments by geographical area First cars helped camping to expand as activitie. 1925 OVERNIGHTS/AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITIES Creation of the first camping ground in Holand. "KAMPEERCENTRUM
SAXENHEIM" Almost since humans exist there has been camping activities in some way. A V E R A G E P R I Z E Estimated seats and estimated plots C O N C L U S I O N 1926 The camping activities began to be seen negatively and in some places are forbidden. 1939 Creation of the ANWB first camping organization that started giving a Id-card to campers. In the following years many countries developed camping associations, published camping magazines and developed camping courses and many other activities. 1960 RV, Car, moto, bicycle, walking.
Improvement on materials. The camping activity experiences a huge development, and diversification. 1970 ---------------- TODAY Camping mass activitie worldwide. · CECC: Confederacion Espanola de Camping y Caravaning Founded in 2010 to promote the camping activities in Spain. Federación Española de Empresarios de Camping y Parques de Vacaciones A N A L Y S I S O F S P A N I S H C A M P I N G S E C T O R There where 115 campings registered in the " Asociacion Sindical Española de terrenos de acampada Turistica¨ TOTAL CAMPINGS IN SPAIN = 1177 LUXURY CAMPINGS = 3
THIRD CLASS CAMPINGS = 241 Nowadays in Spain Q of quality prices with the distinction and prestige some campings. TurEspaña prepares an annual guide with the spanish campings and an app to facilitate the promotion. C A M P I N G · Tourism activity with a long History.
· Is a very flexible host type.
The trend on the statistics is there is a Decrease on the number of campings, but there is also an Increase on the number of tourist hosting in Campings. Opportunities on the actual economic situation. CRISIS
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