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Mobilise Presentation 2012

A short presentation of Mobilise Event Portal

Richard Dirdal

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Mobilise Presentation 2012

Recruitment &
Resource administration Communication & Training Organizing & Planning Accreditation & Access control Logistics Reporting & Evaluation About Mobilise... Together with Oslo 2011, a solution was developed
to ensure an effective recruitment and interaction
with all these resources ... Do you remember Nordic World Ski Championships 2011 in Oslo? It was more than 2500 volunteers who contributed to make it a success... .. a solution which today is called Mobilise Event Portal - A complete platform for Event and Resource Management The company Mobilise was established to make this solution available to large and small event organizers ... Get total control and overview Limiting the potential for human errors and reduce risk Who wants to improve through streamlining processes... and last but not least ...
Ensure continuity and knowledge transfer! Let's demonstrate how... Mobilise Event Portal helps to simplify and streamline the recruitment process ... All applications will be channeled to the accountable manager, in a user-friendly administration desk Online application form,
connected with social media
provide a broader and efficient recruitment process How do you communicate with your resources today? All information is collected on the resource's "My Page". A notice is sent out when new information is available! As a manager you can see reports of who is reading and who you should follow up! It is easy to send messages, share documents, create invitations and training programs ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 Mobilise has launched a new logistics module! This module increases control over event logistics, such as:

Groups and Members
Program and schedules Mobilise START Includes: Recruitment and management of up to 250 resources Communication through "My Page" Communication center for sending messages, news, invitations and registrations Resource management planning and setup of shifts and tasks SMS module for sending messages (500 free messages included) Reports of applicants and resources, and the ability to export all data to Excel Setup cost NOK 4990, - / NOK 1.190, - per month - The minimum contract period is 12 months.
- Annual advance billing In summary - Mobilise is an investment in:

Effective processes
Control and overview
Reduced risk
Competence development & knowledge transfer
Satisfied resources!

An affordable insurance for securing the event & brand! Mobilise START Do you need more information or would like an online demo? Contact us or read more at: The solution for event organizers with less than 250 registrated resources... Mobilise Event Portal The solution for large event organizers Final price is depended on:
Number of resources
Modules included
Agreement period Ask us for a quote! Mobilise Event Portal: No limitations on the number of registered resources Unlimited simultaneous events Flexibility to choose which modules to buy http://www.mobilise.no Through Dashboards you get the overview and can easily see where it's lacking of resources ... Gains and benefits:
Reduced time consumption,
accurate staffing and better control... Is the information sent across multiple channels? Do you know who actually reads the information you send? Is the information getting through to the right resources? Mobilise helps to structure
information, making it easily accessible - so that resources are better equipped to do a good job! Gains & Benefits:
Accurate information improves ability to perform according to the assigned tasks. Quality of the event will improve and the risk will reduce! Excel is often used to create work schedules and plans, Excel is a great tool until... ... you need to share the information with others! Plans are changing... Are you sure everyone is informed of the changes, or are they using the old version? Mobilise has an online solution for resource planning, combined with reports to provide complete control. All changes are shared and updated at one place - instantly! Tasks are added to the calendar
and the system automatically retrieves the resources that can be planned, sorted by workload The system "thinks" for you to let you know when one tries to such as double book a resource All resources will receive their assigned
tasks or work request as a post on their "My Page" The whole process is supported by detailed reports ... It is also possible to enable automatic SMS/e-mail reminder on tasks the individuals have been assigned to. Gains & Benefits:
Better utilization of the resources
Easy sharing of information and plans
No risk for double bookings
Complete overview and control Mobilise offers one of the leading accreditation modules in the marked... The solution manages all processes from receiving and processing of applications, to generating of cards and access control. The accreditation module can also be used to:
Check-in of personnel and guests
Calculation of payroll
Disclosure and control of equipment
Registration and payment (online payment, cash, credi tcard & invoice) Thank you for your time! Hope to hear from you soon... Some of our clients:
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