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issues in europe by:carson and joseph 1st pd

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Miriam Tyson

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of issues in europe by:carson and joseph 1st pd

wind brings pollution from other countries to Germany
summary of what happened in chernobly
April 27, 1986
Ukraine tried to make nucular bomb. and when they tried the nucular power went out and and spreaded over the hole country and all the people were to evacuate imedeatly. and there were some people thet were efected and couldnt leave. and now its called ghost town, but however there are some towns spreaded around in Ukraine. people have to wait over 500 years until they can go back and not be affected.
Issues in Europe by:Carson and Joseph 1st pd
Acid rain in Germany
Germany made laws for less use of cars
air pollution in UK
one of the main problems of pollution in UK is car emissions
in UK the city London had the great smog in 1952
nature plays a roll in acid rain.
londeners no longer experience blackout smog
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