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How is the poverty distribution in the world due to populati

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Elizabeth Harris

on 15 November 2015

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Transcript of How is the poverty distribution in the world due to populati

Afghanistan has a landmass of 652, 225 kilometres squared. It has cold, snowy winters and hot Summers. Afghanistan is and arid country and a landlocked place in Asia. It has a population of 30.55 million (2013), with 48 people i a squared kilometre. It makes up 2.32% of the worlds Population. It has a annual change rate of 24%.
Financial and life
The average age expectancy is 61 years (2012). Under 50% of the population have access to reliable water sources. Recorded in 2011, 32% of Afghan adults have literacy skills. It's GDP is $20.31 billion USD. The income per capita is $426. This has risen from $70 in 2004. It's major exports are tropical fruits to places like Pakistan, and major imports are motor vehicles and petrol products.
36% of the poorest and 46% of the richest children attend school.
37% do not have access to healthy sanitation facilities.
7.6 million do not have secure food.
The average age expectancy is 58 Years. 70-89% of Zimbabwe citizens have access to safe drinking water. It has an adult literacy rate of 90%. It has a GDP of $13.49 billion USD. This is a lot lower than most countries, therefore plunging Zimbabwe into poverty. Its main export is mining products such as gold, and raw tobacco, shipped to places like India. Zimbabwe has very little resources, therefore little exports. Like Afghanistan, it imports vehicles and petrol products.
Extra Facts
Northern Zimbabwe has the highest poverty rate.
House holds led by women are the most disadvantaged.
Zimbabwe has a land mass of 390, 580 kilometres squared. It has a tropical climate and May to September is dry . March to November has heavy rainfall.
Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa. 16 077 046 million people inhabit the country. There is 33 people per square kilometre. There are 661 births a day and 282 deaths a day. There are 895 new people in Zimbabwe every day.
How is the poverty distribution in the world due to population, resources and their access?
By Lily Megaw

Madagascar has a total land mass of 587, 040 kilometres squared. It has two seasons, A hot rainy season from November to April and a cool season from May to October. Madagascar is a coastal region. The population is 22.92 million (2013). There are 41 people per kilometre squared. 1221 births and 254 deaths per day.
Financial and life
Average life expectancy is 64 years. 70-89% have access to clean drinking water. The adult literacy rate is 64.7%. The GDP is $10.61 billion USD, explaining the poverty in Madagascar. $365 per capita. It's main exports are Cloves, Coffee beans and vanilla to France and Germany.
Extra facts
Located south of Africa.
4th largest Island
69% are living below the national poverty line.
Population growth was at its peek around the 2000s.
Madagascar's export rates continually rise and fall.
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Extra facts
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