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Evaluation: Skills Development

No description

Harry Paul

on 6 March 2017

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Transcript of Evaluation: Skills Development

Evaluation: Skills Development
Looking back at your preliminary task (the college magazine task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?
Layout and Cover Lines
My overall layout compared to my college magazine has improved. For my college magazine I was putting colours that were too similar to my background. Therefore, they were really hard to see for my audience. On the other hand with my music magazine everything stands out, including my cover lines. Even though I have a situation where there is white on white, but by the boldness of the font makes it easy to see the writing. The layout of my music magazine is a lot more developed than my college magazine. This is because with my music magazine I was putting cover lines so they could priotise the main image. This was so the main image was the striking factor of my front cover; so the audience are looking at the main image instead of the cover lines. With my college magazine; I did not do this. This then meant that my cover lines were the main factor than my main image, making the magazine look less attractive than it could be.
Research and Planning
This was probably the biggest difference of them all. This was because I had to do a lot of research tasks into the magazine companys and professional magazines. This then meant I had some information to go by and also meant that I knew what the stereotypes were to a good selling magazine. Also at the same time I did some planning. This meant that I knew what I was going to do when I was going to do it. Therefore, I then had more time to do my magazine and research because I knew what I was doing when I was doing the things I planned, such as the photo shoot. Meaning, if I did do something wrong I at least had time to fix it. Which is what did happen with my photo shoot for my front cover and it took me a couple of attempts to get the front cover image I wanted to get.
Photoshop Devices Used
I feel like the photography has really developed. This is because within my college photo shoot I just took a photo and I was done. Whereas with my music magazine photo shoot. I took time to prepare what I was actually going to do and I also used equipment, such as lighting to make the image stand out. I also used an actual person in my music magazine. This was because I could then use their facial expression to give off a serious look to my magazine and also foreshadow the feature article being serious. With my college magazine there is no main focus on my front cover image. There is not specific object or person that makes the magazine attractive, also there is no way of knwoing what the magazine is about by the cover.
One photoshop technique I used was the clone
this allowed me to take away an unwanted part
of my photo. I fortunately the photo I did use it
didn't make it into the final part of the magazine.
The second photoshop device I used was the opacity on the rectangles. This was to make the writing easier for the audience to see when the colours became too similar. This helped me because I then could use the space provided on the pictures. Therefore, I could use other space for more important things.
The third photoshop device I used was the zoom tool.
This allowed me to zoom into certain parts of the magazine so I could look at certain things up close to see if they were up right or if the font size was the same. It also worked the other way so I could zoom out to allow me to see specific things had stood out right or not.
The last photoshop device I used was the crop tool. This allowed me to go on a seperate photoshop page and open up an image I wanted to use and crop it to the size I wanted it. Furthermore, this created more for more important things such as the main image on the contents as I had to crop the picture of the woman in the bottom left corner.
[ Before ]
[ After ]
My music magazine clearly is dedicated to a "festival goers" society. This is because of its use of language and also the bold fonts I chose. I found my questionnaire a very helpful guidance for me. This is because it told me what type of colours I should use for the age group of I for (16 to 25 year olds). This then made it very easy for me to make a relatable music magazine because I then just needed to add some langauge such as the word "Festival" or anything that has passion for music and it then suited my audience. I also thought that my audience would like a musician childhood feature article because I thought that it would be soemthing that can relate to and if they can't relate to that would want to know all about a celebrities childhood anyway.
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