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Superhero Analogies

by Julianna Russ and Camille Mayor

Camille Mayor

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Superhero Analogies

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli by Julianna Russ and Camille Mayor Hawkgirl! -Hawkgirl is like mitochondria.

-Mitochondria is an organelle found in large numbers. It is found folded up into layers.

-Like mitochondria, Hawkgirl's wings fold up when they are not being used. Flash! -Flash is like the endoplasmic recticulum.

-The ER is a network of membranous tubules that is used for quick transporting.

-Flash is like the ER because he also is used for quickly transporting items. -Wonder Woman is like the
cell membrane.

-The cell membrane separates the interior of cells from the outside environment.

-Wonder Woman is like the
cell membrane because like the cell membrane, she protects and separates her home island of
Themyscira. Superman! -Superman is like chloroplast.
-Chloroplast organelles capture energy from sunlight and convert it to chemical energy.
-Like chloroplast, Superman obtains his energy from the sun, and converts it into the energy he needs for his superpowers. -Green Lantern's ring is like cytoskeleton.

-Cytoskeleton has protein filaments that help maintain a cell's shape.

-Like cytoskeleton, his ring helps maintain the shape of whatever he is creating. Batman! -Batman is like the nucleus.

-The nucleus is the central
and most important part of
the cell.

-Batman is like the nucleus
because he is one of the
most important superheroes. Superhero Analogies Green Lantern! Wonder Woman! Nightwing! -Nightwing is like
a chromosome.

-Chromosomes are
found in the nucleus.
They carry genetic info in
the form of genes.

-Nightwing is like a chromosome
because he can be found with
Batman, who is the
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