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PYP Basic 10-Day 2

No description

RnD 2 Learning&Co

on 27 November 2017

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Transcript of PYP Basic 10-Day 2

Warm-up Song
Picture the Story
Read the Story
Retell the Story
Wrap-up Song
Show & Tell
Write the Story
Recall the Story
Play the Story
Think & Talk
Interview & Report
1. Where are the kids?
3. Why can't they touch the animals?
2. What animals were there?
They are at the zoo.
There were lions, crocodiles, bears, monkeys, and tigers.
Because they were blocked with the strong glass.
What do you see?
Where are they?
What do you see?
Who do you see?
What is the boy holding?
How do they feel?
What is he throwing?
1. An _______________ has a long nose.

2. She kept her money in her _____________.

3. __________________s are taking good care of the animals.

4. The ______________ came up out of the water.

Vocabulary Practice
1. There is a ___________ rock in the forest.

2. Did you ____________ your wallet?

3. She is _____________ of the mouse.

4. The man is standing at the main ___________________.

5. The mother had her baby in her __________s.

Vocabulary Practice
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