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Positive Effects of the Spread of Islam and the Arabic Langu

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grace iseler

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Positive Effects of the Spread of Islam and the Arabic Langu

Positive Effects of the Spread of Islam and the Arabic Language into the West African Empires
The University of Sankore
The university of Sankore was located in Timbuktu.
Around 60 libraries in Timbuktu are still owned by local families and institutions. Ahmed Baba is said to have complained to the sultan there that the latter's troops had stolen 1,600 books from him and that this was the smallest library compared to those of any of his friends.
Today, the Ahmed Baba Institute has nearly 30,000 manuscripts, which are being studied and preserved. However, during the period of French colonial domination of Timbuktu (1894–1959), many manuscripts were seized and burned by the colonialists, and as a result, many families there still refuse access to researchers for fear of a new era of pillaging. The manuscripts themselves range from tiny fragments to treatises of hundreds of pages.
The University of Sankore attracted scholars from almost anywhere.
Three Advantages of Centralized Military and Political Power
One of the greatest advantages to a centralized military approach is that it projects a unity of purpose and control over local military ambitions and decision making.
Another one of the greatest advantages of a centralized military is that it streamlines the effort to complete an objective. Resources allocated to individual units and branches, from communications to transport and weapons systems, can be much more effective when integrated as one functioning system.
War always results in tragic losses, but a centralized military command can reduce the number of unnecessary deaths.
Three Advantages of Having a Written Language
It is a permanent means of communication. Thus, it is useful where record maintenance is required.
Written communication is more precise and explicit.
Legal defenses can depend upon written communication as it provides valid records.
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