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Keys to Success at Jackson College

No description

Carolyn Bosheff

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Keys to Success at Jackson College

Goals for Orientation
Facilitate your transition
Inform you of educational opportunities and student life activities
Student Rights and Responsibilities
Share expectations
Discuss options for Financial Aid
Ensure you have access to JC student accounts - email and e-Services
Support you through your journey
Review important information in the handbook
Keys for Success
Jackson College's Mission
Jackson College is an institution of higher education whose mission is to assist learners in identifying and achieving their educational goals
Today's Agenda
30 minute presentation
Group Sessions
Group #1 - meet with academic advisors
Group #2 - complete COMPASS assessment
Group #3 - meet with the Center for Student Success
Assisted Registration
Finalize financial aid and other transactions
Optional Tour of Campus
Purchase Books and Supplies
Faculty Expectations
Attend each class and participate

Inform them of necessary absences

Communicate with your instructors

Turn in your assignments on time

Ask questions

Take advantage of office hours

Welcome to Jackson College
Thank you for choosing Jackson College!
Jackson College's Values
Educational Opportunities
Supplemental Instruction
Blended Courses
Alternative Break Interest Group: SOC 112/122
Honors Courses
US-Brazil Connect
Campus Resources
Campus View Residence Halls
TRiO Student Support Service
Health Clinic
Veteran's Benefits & Academic Advisor
Center for Student Success
Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
Bus Service
Snyder Dining Commons and Cafe's
Academic Advising
Financial Aid Advising
Library and Research Assistance
ABC Childcare
Full-Service Bookstore
Fitness Facility
Paying for College
Financial Aid - Grants, Loans, Scholarships

FACTS Tuition Payment Plan

Sponsor (employer, Veteran's benefits, state agency, etc.)

Cash, check or credit/debit card
JC Student Accounts
Every student receives the following:

Student email account
check your email often!
forwarding capabilities
main mode of communication
e-Services account
register for or drop courses
check the status of financial aid
view grades
JetNet Account
online course management system
some instructors will use this for F2F courses
Same user name and password
JC Username and Password
the first seven letters of your last name, first seven letters of your first name, and your middle initial (771) all lower case

Example for John C. Chips

Default Password:
the first letter of your first name (upper case), the first letter of your last name (lower case), two digits of your day of birth, the last two digits of your birth year, and the last four digits of your JC student I.D. number.

Example for
ohn C.
hips, DOB 01/
, Student ID# 012

Fall Payment Due Dates
For Registration Occurring: Your Payment is Due:
April 14 – August 1 Friday, August 1
August 2 – August 7 Friday, August 8
August 8 – August 14 Friday, August 15
August 15 – August 21 Friday, August 22
August 22 – August 28 Friday, August 29
August 29 – September 2 Tuesday, September 2
September 2 – December 18 At the time of registration

If you are using financial aid to pay your tuition, you must accept you financial aid on e-Services by the posted due date.

Check your JC email often for important information about your financial aid status.
Maintaining FA Eligibility
must maintain a 2.0 GPA and complete 67% of attempted coursework
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Credit Limits for Federal Aid
12 full-time semesters of Pell eligibility
Limit on # of credits that FA will pay for

Warning Status
when you fail to meet SAP after one semester
when you fail to meet SAP after two semesters
Extracurricular Activities
Student Government
Intramural sports
Men of Merit
Sisters of Strength
Keys to Success
Refer to page 16 in the student handbook
refer to page 25 in the student handbook
refer to page 12 in the student handbook
refer to page 8 in the student handbook
refer to page 2 in the student handbook
Next Steps
Group #1
- Meet with Academic Advisors

Group #2
- Complete COMPASS Assessment

Group #3
- Meet with the Center for Student Success
Register for classes
Check status of financial aid
Check status of campus view living application
Ask how you can get involved on campus
Sign up for the FACTS payment plan
Purchase books and supplies
Get JetReady
Refer to handout in your packet
Free, non-credit training

Required in order to take an online course

The training takes approximately 4-8 hours to complete

You have 7 days to complete it at your convenience
Log in to email and e-Services
Attend class and actively participate
Develop good study skills and habits
Learn to manage your time wisely
Get involved on campus
Get to know your instructors
Ask questions
Use the resources available to you
Meet with your advisor each semester
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