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What is Leadership?

No description

Erin Mooney

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of What is Leadership?

What is Leadership?
"Trust Sit"
Everybody stand up and get in a big circle, everybody facing the same direction. It will start with one person sitting down on the person behind them's lap and then that person will sit the person behind them and so forth until everyone is sitting on each other's laps.
"Back Drawing"
Everyone get is groups of 7-10 people and sit in a straight line on the floor facing the front. The person in the front of the line will get a white board and a marker. We will show a drawing to the person in the back of the line and it is their job to draw the shown picture onto the person in front of them's back. Keep drawing until the picture reaches the front of the line and whatever the person in front feels drawn is what they must sketch onto the white board. This is not timed, so take your time!!!
Being Unique and Creative
Applying for RV StuGo and Other StuGos
Who are we?
We are the Sophomore class of Ralston Valley High School's student government. At our school, we are in charge of all of our school dances, spirit weeks, fundraisers, and pretty much any other event you could think of that impacts the student body.
Ralston Valley Homecoming Week "Beach Day" dress up day
Lollipop Moments
What is a Leader?
1. How is each aspect of leadership important? The "lone nut", the first follower, the second follower and the eventual crowd.
2. Have you ever been the "lone nut?" Is it hard to step out of your shell and do something different?
3. Is being different what creates great leaders?
1. Is trust an important part of leadership?
2. What are some things that inspire trust in a leader?
3. Is it important for you to trust others or for others to trust you? Which one is more important or are are they equally important? Explain.
1. How does communication affect leadership?
2. Even though the pictures at the end were different, does that make them wrong?

A lollipop moment is when you make
a difference in somebodies life. One of
our goals in RV StuGo this year has been to create lollipop moments for people by making a difference. And now we are challenging you to create lollipop moments in your school!
Which aspect of leadership best defines you?
Which aspect of leadership do you wish to improve on?
Our application process for StuGo at Ralston Valley is a formal application and then an interview with our executive committee voted on by the RV Student Body in April. Anyone who wants can submit an application, which consists of essay questions and teacher recommendations. Based on the applications, we chose students to interview and from there we accept 3 incoming Freshmen. If you are interested in applying, we will be bringing back applications to your school when we are ready to start the application process. This is usually late April to early March.
Many other schools follow a similar process as Ralston Valley
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