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6 Useless Parts Our Body

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Rishik Ummareddy

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of 6 Useless Parts Our Body

Plica Semilunaris
- This is the Third Eyelid
- Slides horizontally from one corner to another
- Keeps water and air out of eyes
- Birds and amphibians and monkeys use this
- We have a remainder of this
- The pink triangle near nose
Darwin's Point
- A flap or point on our ear
- Could be used to protect the ear
- Came from monkeys
- Research revealed it is a joint
- Helps the ear swivel up and down
- Ten percent people have this
Coccyx or Tailbone
- Organ between the kidney
- Maybe a good bacteria factory which can make produce and preserves bacteria.
- Duke University found out
- But you still don't need it
- You can live without it
Body Hair
- Eyebrows and facial hair useful
- Ex. Eyebrows = no sweat in eyes
- What about body hair
- People don't care about it
- Doesn't do anything
Wisdom Teeth
- Another set of molars
- Can grow into gums if you don't have space in mouth
- Damage gums and hurt you
- Most get them out
- Already have two sets of molars
- Extra set okay if you have space
6 Useless Parts of Our Body
- Forms and then deforms into body
- It happens before your born
- It never grows again
- It is likely to come from monkeys
- It is part of backbone
- Shaped like a triangle
- Many parts in our body
- Some parts aren't useful
- They still do something in body
- Still can live without them
- Ex. We don't need two of things
- Have two just in case

Wisdom Tooth
- www.medicaldaily.com
- www.saywhydoi.com
- www.disabled-world.com
- health.howstuffworks.com
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