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No description

Amy Dang

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Edmonton

CLIMATE This river runs east from the Canadian Rockies to central Saskatchewan. It goes through three provinces, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba. LOCATION Edmonton is the second largest city in Alberta, and it is the capital. It's located on The North Saskatchewan River, near the center of Alberta. Edmonton has longer summers and shorter winters. In the summer, there's a lot of precipitation. In Edmonton, the humidity level is quite high. All about Edmonton In this prezi, you'll learn a bit about Edmonton. The Climate, agriculture,weather, drainage patterns, soil and vegetation features, and land form region characteristics Welcome to...Edmonton !!!!!!!!!! Just to let you know... Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, and also one of the most sunniest cities in Canada :) Edmonton is also known as "Canada's Festival city" Area: 699.8 square kilometers Longitude: -113.5° Latitude: 53.6° Altitude: 671 m Can you guess where Edmonton is? There is a long river in Edmonton "The North Saskatchewan River". This river runs through three different provinces. This river effects the regional climate because in the winter the river causes the area around the river (Edmonton) to become less cold. Then it is the opposite, in the winter, the area around The North Saskatchewan River (Edmonton) is less colder, because the river has not yet frozen. By: Amy Dang The Saskatchewan River Headwaters The Saskatchewan River Drainage Basin The drainage basin is in "Hudson Bay" Saskatchewan river from Edmonton Saskatchewan River Saskatchewan River AGRICULTURE The Saskatchewan River The Saskatchewan River Pictures of The Saskatchewan River The Saskatchewan River Saskatchewan river goes through 3 provinces Edmonton is a good province for farming, because it has flat land and is well suited for farming. In Edmonton, Alberta, there are lot's of farming of wheat, corn, canola, barley. The fields in Alberta are HUGE, that's why Edmonton, Alberta's agriculture is commercial. Pictures of black and brown cows in Alberta!!! More cows... But these look cooler :) A plow in Alberta plowing wheat A wheat farm in Alberta A canola farm. Canola can be used for seedoil for cooking oil. BIBLIOGRAPHY
















http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_AJ0jlfLqn6E/Suq8UuRmClI/AAAAAAAAAYI/Hb7rFl_GrTM/s400/20051206234239-the-end.png Humidity levels are high. Edmonton in the winter. Edmonton in the summer Activities to do in Edmonton In Edmonton, a lot of the people like to go to the Edmonton Mall, to go shopping. Canoeing or kayaking is fun too. There people like canoeing... i bet To those of you who like water... wave pools, and amusement parks... the West Edmonton mall has an amusement park inside! There's even an ice rink in the mall! something outside of the mall... Not my fault if the spinning makes you dizzy :) Just a heads up THANKS :)
I hoped you liked it !!! -Amy
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