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Theology of the Body, Unit 1: Created for Love

No description

Heidi Drury

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of Theology of the Body, Unit 1: Created for Love

Theology of the Body, Unit 1: Created for Love
What is the purpose of life?
VIDEO: Can Modesty Make a Comeback?
ACTIVITY: Swimsuit v. Underwear Cut Outs
What did you observe?
What is the purpose of your body?
Before we answer how TOB responds to these topics,
what IS it exactly?
Have you ever...
stand on your desk - yes
crawl under your desk - no
thought about why you exist?
thought about the purpose of your body?
wondered about sex or sexuality in general?
Burlesque Bingo
Why do/did we need TOB?
Because society has become ________________ the value or our body and sexuality.
Example 2: Beauty and Body Image
Ads... what the heck!
Target photshop: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/fashion/target-photoshops-thigh-gap-model-article-1.1717747
So... what DOES TOB say about our purpose for existence and our sexuality?
answer lies in our bodies
made in God's image
's'acrament -
God is...
___________ of persons
__________ and ____________
best fulfillment of this is heaven!
Thus... **We will never understand ourselves if we do not give of ourselves to others.
Thus... **WE are made for communion with others; "not meant to be alone"
Theology of the Body:
_____ Wednesday audiences from 1979-1984 by __________
discuss the _______ ________ and sexuality
_________ - study of God
Soooo TOB is...
Discuss in your families:
How does our culture answer these questions?
go to...
"Haters why you hatin'"
true - grab a friend and pick her up!
false - wall squat
1. An individual can only FULLY discover herself through being a sincere gift to others.
2. An individual discovers himself fully when she is alone and dependent only on herself.
3. Questioning sexuality is normal.
how you doin'?
the current condition
desensitization of sexuality
'frog in the pot' complex
'sexual liberation'
I Love Lucy
So what's the big deal with being desensitized? I can do what I want!
Because we don't feel like this anymore:
(3 'answers')
Is there a better way to view our bodies and purposes?
God v. Culture
which will we believe?
What about when we, women, objectify in the same way?
7. Magazine Analysis
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