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TYPO3 - Installación

No description

Michel Mix

on 28 February 2015

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Transcript of TYPO3 - Installación

Servidor web (p.ej. Apache o IIS)
200 MB de espacio en disco
>= 256 MB RAM
Configuración recomendada
TYPO3 6.2
¡ Linux !
On which operating systems can TYPO3 run?
a) Windows Vista
b) Windows XP SP3
c) Windows 2000
d) Debian GNU/Linux
e) Mac OS X 10.4
If a web server, PHP and MySQL are available for this operating system, TYPO3 can run on it, regardless of whether it is BSD, Solaris, a different Unix operating system or even a Windows operating system.
¿Con cualas bases de datos funciona TYP03?
a. MySQL
b. Oracle
c. PostgreSQL
TYPO3 funciona con todas
(pero esta optimizado para MySQL).
Where in TYPO3 can you find information on which version (in format 4.x.y) you are using?
a) The source code in the frontend – TYPO3 adds a comment here with the exact version number.
b) The login page shows the TYPO3 version in use.
c) On the start page in the backend.
d) In the page title in the backend.
The frontend source code does have comment showing that TYPO3 is in use, but it does not display the version number. The exact version can only be determined after login; then, it is displayed on the start page and in the page title.
versión: 5.4
memory_limit: >= 128M
max_execution_time: >= 240s
versión: 5.5
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