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Abortion in the 20th Century

No description

Nathan Middleton

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Abortion in the 20th Century

Confederation to 1969 Abortion in the 20th Century When Canada was constituted as a nation in 1867,
abortion was strictly illegal. After the half way point of the 20th century there was increased public pressure to decriminalize abortion. The notable groups that led this push were the Globe and Mail, the United Church and the Canadian Medical association. Bibliography http://weneedalaw.ca/index.php/resources/abortion-timeline http://www.unb.ca/saintjohn/arts/projects/crimepunishment/cases/abortion.html http://www.abortionlaws.ca/ http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2009/01/13/f-abortion-timeline.html http://www.todaysfamilynews.ca/tfn/life/articles/Abortion_Law.htm 1892 Canada's first Criminal Code includes a prohibition against procuring a miscarriage. In late 1967 Prime Minister, Lester Pearson, indicated that his government was going to introduce an Omnibus Bill that would liberalize the existing abortion laws. This bill was dropped in an election in the spring of 1968. May 14, 1969 Pierre Trudeau's omnibus Bill C-150 passes, allowing abortion if a hospital panel states that the mother's life or health are threatened - a criterion that is not defined. 1969: Abortion activist Dr. Henry Morgentaler defies the law and opens an abortion clinic in Montreal. His clinic is raided in 1970 and he is charged with several offenses. It marks the beginning of 20 years of legal battles. May 1975: A petition against abortion rights with more than one million signatures is delivered to Parliament. 1989-1991 Bill C-43 is debated in the House of Commons and the Senate. The bill would have made abortion illegal unless a physician determines a women's physical or psychological health is threatened. While the bill passes in the House of Commons, it is defeated in the Senate by a tie vote. Since January 28, 1988, Abortion in Canada is legal until the child has proceeded fully from the birth canal. Canada is almost alone in the world in allowing abortion at any time and for any reason. During 1970, 11,200 abortions were carried out in Canada. Prior to 1969, abortion had been a serious criminal offence, punishable by life in prison. Abortion was illegal in Canada until 1969 when the Canadian Parliament passed a law that allowed abortion in certain circumstances to protect the “health” of the mother—the word “health” was not defined or limited. http://abortionincanada.ca/history/legal_abortion_canada.html Abortion Stats Suction aspiration was the method used
for approximately 90% of all abortions
reported in Canada in 2004, and is generally
used between six and 14 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion in Canada is a very
divisive issue. The Laws of Abortion
change very frequently. There are
many different beliefs on Abortion. 8 week old baby People are angry about the shooting in Connecticut, yet they don't care about babies being aborted. A total of 96,815 induced abortions (a deliberate termination of pregnancy) were performed on Canadian women in 2005 In 2009, 93,755 Canadian babies were aborted. The total number of “reported” abortions
that took place between 1974 and 2010 in Canada
is 3,191,362. According to Statistics Canada there were 11,152 abortions in 1970. Today there are almost 100,000 every year. In 1992 – 1993, 103,244 abortions were performed in Canada and cost Canadians 56 billion dollars. In 1997, women ages 15 to 19 had 21,233 abortions.
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