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ACT I: SWOT Analysis

No description

Takiyah Joseph

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of ACT I: SWOT Analysis

Our Mission ... Dell's mission "... is to be the most successful computer company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in markets we serve." Social, Cultural, & Tech. Trends SOCIAL TRENDS:
1. Social Media To Be Used as a Business
2 .Lines Between Work and Home To Blur.
3. More Mobile Devices To Come Online
4. Shifting Business Models To Require
Tech-Savvy Workers.
5. Employee Technology Expectations
To Continue Changing Ambitious Visionaries Act 1: S.W.O.T. Analysis Organizational External Structure Pricing Earnings Report
(In Billions) The price of computers has declined due to manufacturing methods and competition abroad. Corporate Profit Companies invest in computers and servers, which often need replacing. Consumer Confidence Consumers that are confident in their economy, are more likely to purchase goods. Expectations: highest quality
leading technology
competitive pricing
individual & company accountability
best-in-class service & support flexible customization capability
superior corporate citizenship
financial stability Financial Position Product Profile Competitive Analysis Current Competitive
Advantage Working Capital:
2010: $5,285,000,000
2011: $9,538,000,000
2012: $7,447,000,000 Quick Ratio:
2010: 1.22
2011: 1.42
2012: 1.27 Current Ratio:
2010: 1.28
2011: 1.49
2012: 1.34 2012 2011 2010
Sales $62,071 $61,494 $52,902

Net Income $4,240 $3,350 $2,024
(After Tax)

Net Income $3,492 $2,635 $1,433 TECH TRENDS:
1. cloud computing
2. Server virtualization
3. pervasive networking
4. IT as a service
5. Evolving client technology. Cultural Trends:
1. Design for Environment
2. Reducing our Impact
3. Green Packaging/Shipping
4. Reducing your Footprint
5. Recycling your Dell 1. Dell vs hp

2. Dell vs Apple

3.Dell vs IBM

4. Dell vs Sony 1. Laptops/Ultrabooks

2. Desktops

3. Printers & Ink

4. Dell Global Service

5. Free Shipping Visual Appeal 1. 3. Technical Support Team 4. Dell Spotlight 5. Dell Advantage Program 2. Well-Known Brand Name
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