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Ms. Wall

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Heredity

Heredity Phenotype & Genotype Heredity Punnett Square Practice Ginny Weasley has red hair (bb).
Harry Potter has dark hair, but his mother had red hair. His genotype is Bb. Punnett Square Practice A white guinea pig has alleles (xx).
A black guinea pig has alleles (XX). Determine the possible genotypes of their offspring. What is the percentage of their offspring being black? Genes and traits Collect data from classmates on traits they have inherited. Data Collection Make a chart that shows whether your classmates have a physical trait or not. Analyze your data. Hypothesize whether the trait is dominant or recessive. Tongue roller? Attached Ear Lobes? Straight Hair?
Curly or Wavy? Widows Peak? Dimples? Hitch Hikers Thumb?
Phenotype is an OBSERVABLE trait- Something that you can SEE on a person, despite what genes they may have inherited. Gregor Mendel - A Curious Monk Genotype is the actual genes they have inherited. This may not be what you can physically see. The reason our phenotype may not match up with our appearance is because of DOMINANT and RECESSIVE genes. Determining your Genotype Recessive and Dominant genes are represented by an uppercase and lowercase letter, known as an "allele". Cleft Chin? A dominant gene is written as a capital letter, and a recessive gene is written as a lowercase letter. For example: Brown is a dominant eye colour, represented by BB, Bb.

Non-Brown eyes are represented as bb. Brown eyes?

Non brown eyes? Determining Ms. Wall's Genotype for Eye-colour Mr. Wall had blue eyes. Mrs. Wall has brown eyes, but there are people in her family with non-brown eyes. So Ms. Wall had a 50% chance of being blue eyed, and 50% chance of being brown eyed. Because her eyes are brown, her genotype must be Bb, even though she has the phenotype of BB. Her brother and her sister both have blue eyes, with a genotype of bb. Creating your own offspring On the worksheet, determine your own phenotype and genotype. Remember that if your aunt, uncle, parents, grandparents, has the recessive phenotype, to use the Bb version of the genotype. Determine which allele is in which gamete by flipping a coin. Combine the genotype and phenotype of egg 1 and sperm 1 determine what your offspring would look like. Determine the percent chance of their children having red hair, or dark hair?
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