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Aishwarya Mohan

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Monsoon

Monsoon Climate
seasonal changes in atmospheric circulation and percipitation
strong, violent winds from cold to warm regions,
change direction with the season.
The major monsoons of the world:
Asia-Australian monsoons.

Means "season" and "weather".
major wind systems that change direction seasonally

Monsoons blow from the sea towards land in summer.

Monsoons blow from land towards the sea in winter.

WHAT IS IT ??? South-West Monsoons 1.Due to the sun being directly over Tropic of Cancer, the area gets very warm
2.The warm air in the area rises, forming an area of low pressure
3.Warm moist air from ocean is drawn toward this area
4.The air is forced to cross the Himalayas and shed relief rain onto the South of the mountain
North-West Monsoon The Indian Subcontinent begins to cool rapidly (around September) creating an area of high pressure.
However the Indian Ocean still has heat and creates an area of low pressure.
Air moves from high to low pressure.
Thus the wind blows from the north to the south
These winds are dry but they regain some moisture when they blow over the Bay of Bengal
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Water bodies become dried up
Vegetation benefits from rain
Multiple cropping
Supply of crops is 3 times more

Too much rain kills vegetation
Lead to floods affecting
Change of season
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