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Earth Day and Recyling!

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aoi sakana

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Earth Day and Recyling!

Earth Day and Recycling
Earth day is on April 22nd
What is Earth Day?
Earth day is a special day where everyone does something to help make the world a better place
What can we do?
There are many things that we can do to help the Earth. Not just on Earth day but everyday, too!
You can turn off the lights when you are not using the room
You can throw garbage in the garbage can and not on the ground
You can make sure to be nice to insects and animals
You can practise the three Rs:
What does REUSE mean?
Reuse means that you use something again and again.
You can use a plastic bottle to drink water over and over again
You can also REUSE popsicle sticks and toilet paper rolls for arts and crafts
There are many things you can REUSE!
What does REDUCE mean?
Reduce means that you only use are much as you need and not any more.
You don't waste and, if you can use something less, then that's what you do!
You can turn off the lights in the room that you are not using
You can also use a water bottle instead of buying bottled water all the time
What can you REDUCE?
What does RECYCLE mean?
Recycle is when you take something that is garbage and other people can help make it into something you can use again.
Old garbage paper can be used to make new paper to use
Old cans and bottles can be used to make new bottles and cans
You put all these old garbage things that need to be recycled in a RECYCLING BIN
What can you RECYCLE?

What goes in the RECYCLING BIN?
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