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No description

jordan athanasopoulos

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Growtopia

seeds are the main thing growtopiayou get seeds by breaking a block but dont randomly breake rare blocks cause you dont allways get seeds
locks are things that lock a part of a world there are small locks wich cover 50 spaces and big locks wich cover 200 spaces and huge locks that cover 500 spaces and world locks that cover a whole world. to lock a whole world with a small lock ,big lock or huge lock place the lock over the entrane door and put two blocks of any type to block it up
gems are great in growtopia with gems you can buy packs locks weather machines and awsome items like a red corvete and on special days you can such as valentimes day they sell angel wings and heart boe for 40k gems
growtopia clothes are awsome with cloths clothes make your character look different and show other characters how rich you are . you can buy different clothes from the store . theres lots of different such as red corvete ambulance space ship horse and even a dragon hand
my link
check out this website for further information
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