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Weird Places/Sightings

No description

Mr Duke!

on 24 November 2016

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Transcript of Weird Places/Sightings

Weird Places...
Apparently, aliens have made signs in crop fields as shown below
More area 51 places
It should look like this
This footage shows two private security guards known as Cammo Dudes, exit a white jeep, one with a rifle drawn, before demanding what looks like two couples in a car, get out of their vehicle and stand with their backs to them with their hands in the air.
The drama filmed by Jeremiah Hasvold, another member of there public visiting the area close to Area 51, before being forwarded to a UFO channel on YouTube.
The scenes unfolded after the father drove his car right up to the US Airforce base entrance which had signs saying no one can pass the line on Black Box Road without authorisation, or face the use of possible "deadly force".
The security, who are privately hired and not US military men, were already waiting parked in the jeep just a short way on a peak beyond the signs.

Military Area 51 in Asia
First thing you need to do is open up a new tab and go onto: https://maps.google.co.uk. Once you are on the website change it to Earth mode.
Type in these coordinates:
It should hopefully look like this
Weird Sightings:
Type in these coordianates:
37°14′06″N 115°48′40″W
These are the security guards!!
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