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the history of transportation

No description

Pelletier Class

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of the history of transportation

the history of transportation
by preston,devin,dylan
this prezi starts in the 1800s.
the travel was mostly horses and buggies.
so the transportation was
now on to the 1900-1930
the first car was made in this age
the first model-T was made by Henry ford
at this time some cars ran on steam
1940-1960 era
more people started to buy cars
cement roads became more common
the dc-3 plane was invented
it could cary 21 passangers
1970-1990 era
at this time gas prices skyrocketed
it went from 30 cents a gallon to a $1 a gallon
also the electric car was made
it was powered by a small
electric motor
1970-1990 era
21 century
now theres monorails and high speed trains
sky lines are used to
scientists are making more eco freindly cars to help the environment.
thats the end of the prezi
brought to you by Korean kid productions
aka preston
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