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Carbon Nanotubes

No description

Bryce Davis

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Carbon Nanotubes

Trenton Bookout
Bryce Davis
Ty Halford
Lee Kusy
Janae Ryan
Danny Taki by Health & Safety Problems:
Particle Size
Exposure Latency
Second-Hand Contamination
Process Independent

silver lining? Cost Analysis 1g = $210
1kg = $12,400 Introduction Carbon Nanotubes What are they? History 1956 Union Carbide
Parma Technical Center Serendipity HEPA is good only down to 0.3 microns Applications High Specific Strength Extremely Strong
Extremely Light
Semiconductive Acknowledgement
Thanks to Dr. Tate
for the carbon nanotubes
samples. GROUP 7 ENGR 2300 - Materials Engineering Texas State University
Department of Engineering &Technology April 27, 2010 Tensile Strength - 63 GPa
Flexural Strength - 90 MPa
Tensile Modulus - 1 TPa
Properties For Comparison: 304 Stainless Steel Has a Tensile Strength of 500 MPa Manufacturing
Processes Arc Discharge
Laser Ablation
Chemical Vapor Deposition
Super Growth CVD Arc Discharge Laser Ablation Chemical Vapor Deposition Addition of
a Plasma
Field 2.5mm! SUPER GROWTH Oldest Method
Not Very Efficient
Not Very Pure Nanotubes Discovered
Roger Bacon 1958 1985 1991 Buckyballs Multi-Walled
Nanotubes Trends electronics nanobots space elevator References “A Review of Carbon Nanotube Toxicity and Assessment of Potential Occupational and Environmental Health Risks; Critical Reviews in Toxicology - 36(3):Pages 189-217 - Informa Healthcare.”
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