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No description

Lindsey Sutorius

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Supernatural

Fear of the unknown...
What is going to happen to us when we die?
What happens when people die with "unfinished business?
Do spirits dwell among people and places?
Who are the victims of these Hauntings?
Existing Above and Beyond Nature
Why are people and places haunted?
People are chosen by ghosts to be haunted because they are hated or loved by the ghost or a ghost is trying to communicate something to them. A person may also be haunted because they have done or are doing something wrong.
Houses people or land can be haunted because they have a significant past
It is said that a spirit will stay until somebody helps them pass over or when they realize the fact that they are dead.
Where to spirits and the Super Natural dwell?
They can dwell everywhere and anywhere.
People can be haunted by spirits because they WANT a connection with the dead. (wigi boards, etc)
Hollywood often shows innocent, helpless people as being the ones affected by the supernatural.
So what....?
Throughout history society has fed us more and more films and stories of the Supernatural. What we need to think about is whether or not we ACTUALLY believe in such ghostly occurances, or if culture has engrained it into our minds.
By: Lindsey Sutorius, Jordan Banich, Megan Gold, and Gabriel Lewis
In older film, spirits dwelled in places that were dirty, old and run down. Today we see spirits dwelling in the average middle class home.
According to Ghost Specialist:
We are becoming numb to the "haunted Mansion Scene
Parallel to Today's culture
Demonic Possessions
Devil Himself
Types of Supernatural Characters
Demonic Possessions
The Exorcist (1973)
Based on true story/exploited American issues
evil vs. evil
Affective Imagery
The control over a human form by a demon. This includes erased memories or personalities, convulsions, “fits” and fainting as if one were dying.
Devil Himself
Origin: The Bible
Rosemary's Baby
an apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image
Origin- Sheeted ghosts: Theatrical Traditions
Have evolved into invisible or translucent people.
Drag Me To Hell
The Shining
a corpse said to be revived by witchcraft, esp. in certain African and Caribbean religions
First Zombies were not cannibalistic. The fear was not to be eaten.
Haitian Folklore and Voodoo
The first flesh eating zombies were in Night of The Living Dead.
1. Possessions
2. Biblical Prophecies
Fallen Angels
3. Black Magic
Cross Roads
in the Supernatural

usually a spirit from hell
expels a persons soul so they can take over the physical body
tend to happen to kids in more movies than to adults
Taken care of by exorcisms.
usually by the head of the religion the family believes in
recitation of prayers
Relevance in History
Sawney Bean
Star Jelly
Robert the Doll
Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome
Star Jelly
Inspired The Blob
Gelatinous substance deposited on Earth during meteor showers
No scientific classification
Translucent white gelatin which evaporates shortly after it has fallen
Sawney Bean
Inspired The Hills Have Eyes
48 member clan living in Scotland during the 15th or 16th century
Known for mass murder and cannibalization of over 1,000 people
Robert the Doll
Inspired Child's Play
Made by a nurse who was skilled in "black magic"
It was evident that the doll was cursed when it moved and made noise

Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome
Inspired A Nightmare On Elm Street
Kills 43 per 100,000 young Filipinos
Cardiac activity during this phenomena indicate irregular heartbeat rhythms and ventricular fibrillation

and Fallen Angels
Biblical Prophecies
An angel that either goes against the word of God, or fulfills a prophecy set by the bible

A baby that is put into this world to help get it out of turmoil
or even a baby that is the devils span, here to help demons enter the world

biblical guidance
Magic is know to be the devils work using his power to have some of your own, kill someone, threaten them, or even bring a demon or God to Earth.

Dark (Black) Magic
and Cross Roads
Cross roads are a way people use the Devil to get what they want. They trade their soul for a better life.
-- even do the Devils works
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