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Interactive Notebooks and Theme

No description

Shannon Thornton

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Interactive Notebooks and Theme

Interactive Notebooks and Theme
Interactive Notebooks
What is Theme?
When you are talking about literature, one of
the most important things you need to discuss
is the “Central Theme” of the text.
The Theme refers to the central idea or
underlying message of the text. The Theme is
rarely stated in the text – instead, the reader
must usually consider the plot, characters, and
setting to infer the theme.
What theme is not...
Theme is not one word.....love, hate, evil.

But it is a statement!
Easy Way to Remember Theme
THE MEssage or THE MEaning
As you read, a story or book, think about what was the author's message to me, the reader.
This is worth a 2 letter grades
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