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Pros and Cons of Private or Public Schools


Jomely Venn

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of Private or Public Schools

Pros and Cons of Public or Private Schools ... small Some parents like to put their children in public schools while others choose private school. Pros of Public Schools Public schools are affordable because tuition is usually free. Wealthy parents often put their children
in private schools . Pros of private schools Whilst private schools may meet the needs of some children, public schools offer a better and that both of them prepare children for their adult lives. Cons for Public schools Public school classes are normally too big and that it is hard for some children to concentrate. Cons of private schools Private schools are normally far away and that you might have to take a train, bus or any other vehicle. Opening statement Private schools are also known as Independent Schools Private and public schools are similar in some ways but different in others. Public schools also have lots of children to play , learn, talk and work as teams. Lots of children means more independence and helps children to learn the skills for the real world. Private schools are very expensive, but parents prefer private schools because they believe they have more chance at being successful in their career choice in the future. Also private schools are not administered by local government. Sometimes girl or boy schools. Private schools usually have a high standard of education. Public schools also are administered by local government. Sometimes kids get embarrassed and dont want to ask questions. There is more chance of Children getting involved in peer group pressure which could mean getting involved with smoking etc. Private schools have high school fees and therefore some parents may not be able to afford. Closing Statement
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