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All about Minecraft!

Teaching a bit of Minecraft basics!

LJ Fulugan

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of All about Minecraft!

Learn all about

Made By El-J Fulugan!
The Social World
Popular Mods
What are texture packs?
What are Mods?
Experience Orbs
The Basics
You gain these orbs by fighting mobs. Experience is crucial if you would like enchant armor, tools, or create magic books. Enchanted armor & weapons is important in Boss Battles or in the Nether.
Watch out! Mobs roam around your World
Hostile mobs are provoked when you're within
50 blocks of the mob. These include zombie's,
creeper's, and spider's.
Passive mobs must be provoked for them to attack
you. Passive mobs include wolves, zombie pigmen,
and endermen.
Peaceful mobs do not attack you and are usually
used for food. These include chicken's, cow's,
and even NPC Villagers!
Every New Minecrafter must learn one
important lesson; Hurry! Night comes in ten
minutes and Night is when the mobs spawn.
Shelter is a very important part in surviving.
If you waste your time exploring, make a dirt
house. If you don't, well.... you're screwed
The Yogscast are a mainly British Gaming Group
who became popular by their Minecraft series. They
started off as a WOW How-to channel, but after many
requests, they did their first Minecraft video.
they got so many likes they continued making more!
They now do Tekkit, Voltz, and FTB. Some memers
include Lewis & Honeydew(BlueXephos), Duncan
(yogscastlalna), and Paul(yogscastsjin).
SkythekidRS is a Famous Minecrafter!
He was introduced to Minecraft by AntVenom
and is Famous for his Mod showcases. His "crew"
consists of Quentin(HuskyMudkipz), BajanCanadian
(Mitch), and Dawn(Ablez).
Most Popular mods are actually modpacks.
Modpacks are multiple mods put together
in a package. The most popular modpack is
Tekkit. It adds machinery & magic.
Texture packs change what blocks look like.
They can either make a block more realistic or
more cartoony.
Mods add special items to Minecraft that are not
normally in the game. They can add Dragons,
Special Swords, or even change the basic look
of the person.
Famous Minecrafter's
Famous Minecrafters, from AntVenom to Zek, are all known on basic Social Websites.
Twitter, Facebook, and, most importatntly, Youtube. Youtube is the most important.
This were videos are released and, if they're good enough, become a famous video.
The Yogscast became famous through their first Minecraft video; "How to survive the night".
Skydoesminecraft became famous from his Mod Showcases and his hate for squid.
Other ways to become a Famous Minecrafter
Other ways to become a Famous Minecrafter... there's not
many. BUT there are a few. Creating a popular mod is one
way, but that's generally very hard. Being a person who made Minecraft is another, but it's already been made! You could help add new stuff in updates though, but probably not. Mojang is in Sweden!
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