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Spa Vajaé

No description

Kristin Venable

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Spa Vajaé

What is Spa Vajaé?
Spa Vajaé is an all natural, holistic spa that specializes in vaginal steaming. At Spa Vajaé we use a combination of 19 herbs that soothes and cleanses a woman's most private parts. Our spa is know for its tranquility, relaxation, comfort and impeccable customer service. This holistic service is:
Changing the way feminine hygiene “douches” are used by consumers.

Branding a more holistic approach to feminine hygiene.
History of Vaginal Steaming
Ancient Mayan healers have used Bajos (a spanish word that translates "vaginal steam bath)
Traditional Korean healers have been using this for healing methods as well, known as Chai-yok for centuries
Where is Vaginal Steaming Available Now?
JeJu – A Korean Spa located in Duluth, GA.
Skin Care & Body Work Day Spa in Sierra Madre, Ca. ($50 for 30 min…coming soon)
Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica
Juvenex Spa in Manhattan (30 min for $75).
Daengk Beauty Spa, a Korean Spa in Los Angeles (45 in for $20).
The YinOva Center in New York, NY.
RENEW Physical Therapy in 2 locations
(New York, NY., and Brooklyn, NY.)
$90 for 45 min

What We Believe
Demographics Research displays that opportunity is in this market
This treatment helps the the body cleanse naturally
This is a holistic treatment which will also help cleanse the mind
We have room to capitalize and differentiate ourselves from competitors
Overview of Service
Client gets greeting by the reception as soon as she enters the facility and is lead to the locker/ change area to prepare for her vaginal steaming requested upon prior consultation (different combination of herbs to suite everyone’s needs). The client is then lead to the locker/ change area to prepare for her vaginal steaming.

Benefits of Vaginal Steaming
Most beneficial to women with:
Uterine fibroids
Painful menstruation
Irregular menstrual cycles
Ovarian cysts
Vaginal dryness
Reproductive adhesion/ scar tissue
Previous vaginal tear, or episiotomy
Other Benefits
Combination of 19 herbs work towards nourishing, toning, and healing
Promotes cleansing
Vaginal muscle tightening
Increases blood flow and aids healthy fertility by bringing heat to the womb.

Steam opens the pores of the vaginal tissue, while water vapors from the herbs are absorbed into the tissue and enter the blood stream. This gives a direct healing affect on the reproductive system.
-Vaginal tissue is one of the most absorbent throughout the entire female body.

Quick Overview of Some Herbal Benefits

Pueraria Mirifica
-Helps with loose vagina
-Regenerates tissue in the genital region
-Helps to balance estrogen levels

-Strengthens the wall by proper lubrication
-Used to alleviate menopausal systems
-Prevents dryness and irritation
-Relieves genital problems quickly

Curcuma Comosa
-Strengthen vaginal muscles
-Prevents vaginal wall prolapse
-Prevents vaginal dryness
-Prevents hot flashes

Private areas for steaming available with options of read, listen to music, and meditate.
There is a common area with teas and water available for clients to lounge before and after steaming
Our Unique Design

One of a kind design

Made of Bamboo and Canes

A cushioned seat, and escape holes allow steam to pass through to the vagina all the way up to the face

460 mm (420 + 40 of seat), perfect seat height for comfortable positioning

Bamboo feet blocks that will raise the feet so that more steam is able to pass into the vagina

Future Possibilities
Exotic Fruit Steams

Pineapple, Mango, Passion Fruit, Lemon etc.

-Promote and fresh vaginal scent
-May have health benefits
-Promotes vaginal confidence

Longer Hours (24 hours)
Overall Expansion (different cities)
Signature Candles (Ne-Ne's Secret Soy Candles)

Pricing Strategy
Discounts to Military/Veteran wives
Promotional Pricing Available
First Timers Discount
Discounts to new mothers
Membership discounts
Social Network Promo codes (SPAVAJAÉ2013)
Price comparisons with competitors will determine the best price for our service: Not too high and not too low
Extend service by 5-10 minutes, decrease competitors price by $5

Our Target Location
Southern California
Beverly Hills
The San Fernando Valley
Promotional Strategy
Promotional Strategy
Social Networking
Bill Board (ex. Dr's Office)
Print Media (T-shirts ex. Got Spa Vajae)
Word of Mouth
Email Blast
Internet Advertisements
Promotional Strategy
Pull Strategy
Social Networking
Billboard (ex. Dr's Office)
Print Media (ex. T-shirts, Got Spa Vajae?)
Word of Mouth
Email Blast
Internet Advertisements
First time Promos (ex. Groupon, Living Social)
Video on Vaginal Steaming
Marketing Mix
Why Invest
Organization of Legal Structure
Please, Ask Questions!
Our Target Market
Women ages 18 & up
Local residents, visitors,
employees within the area
Average annual income of $45, 000
Women who seek alternative
health and wellness
Projected Sales for the Next Six Months
Operating Strategy
Staffing Plan
Physical Layout
Business Insurance
for the 1st 6-24 months we are the staff
it is effective and ensures a low overhead cost for the first year
space will maximized utilizing curtains/drapes and an interior designer
best option for the business
especially fire insurance (candles)
(Sales price average $45 for 45 minutes)

Financial Summary
•Start up cost is approximately $95,000

Spa Vajaé
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