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Immigration Today and Yesterday

No description

Seth Wickens-Walther

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of Immigration Today and Yesterday

Immigration Today and Yesterday
Immigration Now
Today immigration has grown, but it's still below it's high. Conditions have greatly grown, but still it is hard for anybody coming to a new place. With todays modern technology it is faster and easier to travel long distances, but it also has gotten more expensive.
My Viewpoint
I believe that immigration is very good thing for all countries. Immigration brings in new people and each one of them has new ideas, and new cutures, and in the right enviroment they can grow and prosper to do great things.
Bob Marley
Immigration Then
In the 1900s immigration was not a safe thing. Immigrants would leave their homes to travel long distances in search of a better life. Immigrants traveling across the sea were crammed in large boats with no room to do anything. Disease was very common and spread really easily. Also back then people didn't really put down their roots as a family. Ireland in the 1900s was country that many people, but today Ireland is the place to be.
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein was born in Germany and immigrated to the U.S. and discovered The Theory of Relativity.
Bob Marley is a Jamaican born Reggae artist, that sold over 20 million records.
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