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Cross Categorical Academic K-3 Self Contained

No description

Jacklyn V-C

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Cross Categorical Academic K-3 Self Contained

Cross Categorical Academic K-3 Self Contained
Discovery Elementary in Glendale

Classroom Make-up
14 students total:
7 male
7 female
4 Kindergarteners
3 1st graders
6 2nd graders
1 3rd grader
9 Hispanic/Latino
3 African American
1 White
1 Vietnamese
Eligibility & Grouping Break Downs
Eligibility Break Down
10 students with Developmental Delay Eligibilities
3 students with Speech & Language Impairment Eligibilities
2 students with Mild Intellectual Disability Eligibilities
1 students with a Mild/Severe Sensory Impairment Eligibility
1 student with a Specific Learning Disability Eligibility
1 student with an Autism Eligibility
Other things that are a part of these student's eligibilities
Hearing Impairment
Visual Impairment
Traumatic Brain Injury
Cerebral Palsy
{Some students have more then 1 Eligibility}
All students qualify for Free & Reduced lunch
12 students have Bus services
2 students are within Discovery's boundary lines and must be picked up by parents
Monkey Groups
Apes (Highest Level): 4 students. 3 are 2nd graders & 1 is a 1st grader.
Chimps (Middle High Level): 4 students. 1 is a 2nd grader, 2 are 1st graders, & 1 is a 3rd grader.
Gorillas (Middle Low Level): 4 students. 3 are kindergarteners & 1 is a 2d grader
Bonobos (Low Level + High OT needs): 2 students. 1 kindergartener & 1 is a 2nd grader.
* Developmentally these students range between being a middle 1st Grader and Preschool Level*
* Visual Schedules are Crucial*
7:45-8:00 Day Start Up & Calendar
8:00-9:00 Math Rotations
9:00-10:00 Reading Rotations: ABCs, Sight Words, & CVC words
10:00-10:30 Bathroom Break & Inside Recess
10:30-11:10 Reading Comprehension: Sequence & "W" Questions
11:10-12:00 Lunch & Recess
12:00-12:40 Speech/OT
12:40-1:20 Writing Rotation/Block
1:20-2:00 Specials: PE & Computer
2:00-2:25 Clean up & Day Close Out
2:25-2:45 Spiral Review
15 minute rotations for Math & Reading Blocks. Allows for students to receive instruction on their level with their Monkey Groups.
Each student spends 15 minutes with myself, my Instructional aid, at the computer, & on a center box/ABC table
Behavior Management
Class Dojo
Modified Behavior Management
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